Instagram Engagement Rate: Infographic

Feed Algorithm

Your Instagram feed isn’t just based on who you follow, it’s also based on who and what you like. The more they think you’ll “like” that post, the higher it appears in your feed. This is based on “past behavior on similar content and potentially machine vision analyzing the actual content of the post.”

Now, it’s rumored that only 30% of your audience is actually seeing your posts in their feed.

Instagram Users Engage More on Thursdays

We found out that Thursday is the best day to post on Instagram, and Sunday is the day with the lowest engagement. Also, research shows that you should aim to post on Instagram one to three times per day, with major brands posting on average of 1.5 times per day.

Posts with Blue Color Dominating get more Likes

Visual analytics and marketing platform Curalate took things a bit further and analyzed 8 million Instagram photos to figure out which colors get more likes than others. Mostly-blue images got 24 percent more likes than ones that had red as the most prominent color.

Posts with Hashtags

These days, Instagram hashtags not only categorize your content and makes it discoverable by users, but they are an effective way to get more followers, increase engagement and expand reach and brand awareness. If you’d like to tap into the platform’s potential to reach a huge audience, upping your hashtag game is the way to go.

Average Engagement Rate per Followers

By far the biggest disagreement when it comes to calculating Instagram engagement rate is whether it should be a function of your total number of followers or total impressions. Still, there are researches which have come up with a ratio of the engagement rate per the number of followers. InstaShop will help you to boost you followers number wit our real Instagram followers packages available 24/7.

Average Engagement Rate per Industries

It’s clear that Instagram isn’t just for personal use only anymore. It’s now a global platform that allows brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, showcase products, and inspire their audience. Importance of Instagram marketing strategy nowadays. Social media marketing supports in increasing brand awareness. And it is important for companies to reach consumers, and when done correctly, tells those consumers that their brand is active and focused on communication.

Check the Infographic below for more interesting and useful facts about Instagram Engagement Rate for future use and Instagram growth: