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Average Engagement Rate on Instagram based on Number of Followers
<2000 10.70%
2k - 5k 6%
5k - 10k 4.90%
10k - 25k 3.60%
25k - 50k 3.10%
50k - 75k 2.60%
75k - 100k 2.50%
100k - 150k 2.50%
150k - 250k 2.40%
250k - 500k 2.90%
500k - 1M 2.30%
1M+ 1.50%

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

Being a social media influencer is a rather demanding thing to do. One of the most time-consuming factors is keeping followers engaged and not only making sure that this engagement meets the needed levels, but as well developing new ideas and approaches to ensure at least the same engagement levels or better with a growing number of subscribers.

However, you don’t want to be blind and only consider the limited functions provided by Instagram. Moreover, engagement has become more significant than ever before due to some of the latest changes introduced to the Instagram algorithm. Simply put, having just a myriad of followers is not a good success strategy.

This is why Instagram engagement rate calculators are becoming increasingly popular among users these days, as they give you crucial insights into your activity and your IG growth, by giving you ideas on what you have to work more on and grow your Instagram constantly. And this is why we’ve developed our own, by far the most precise engagement rate calculator. However, before we get to explaining what it does, let’s take a closer look at what engagement rate actually is and why it is so important.

What is Instagram Engagement Rate?

Plainly speaking, engagement rate (ER) is calculated by defining the exact portion of your total Instagram followers that are engaging with your content on a regular basis, so you can track your organic Instagram growth.

Depending on the goals you want to achieve, there are various ways of measuring Instagram ER. Lots of websites, including InstaShop, are providing online calculators to do the calculations for you. Our engagement rate calculator is a fairly simple and transparent tool. We have developed a simple, but rather effective formula that shows the most precise account engagement rate on the web to date, which makes us one of the best Instagram growth service.

What is a good Instagram ER?

The average Instagram engagement rate is 3%. That said, if you ever hear someone saying that 4% is a really bad ER, you should tell them to know better, because that is above average and, thus, can’t be bad at all.

It’s also necessary to remember that the higher the amount of followers you have, the more probable you are to have decreased ER. This is why it’s always critical to generate quality content on your Instagram account.

It is obviously rather difficult to grow a brand name on Instagram – the market is overflowing with tons of great offers, deals, and especially content. So, starting off and buy Instagram followers is a good tactic, because you’re giving yourself a boost, but remember that you should support this boost with a constant flow of high-quality content. But don’t forget about the balance the ER is all about, and once you go into buying Instagram followers, you also have to buy Instagram likes, in order to maintain or even increase IG Engagement Rate.

Why is it important to have a good ER?

As we’ve mentioned above, Instagram algorithm has been introduced with some changes. This alone has crucially changed the way Instagram feeds appear. Previously, users were seeing posts in chronological order, when scrolling through their Instagram feeds.

In 2019 everything has changed. It’s up to Instagram to decide, which of the posts are going to be shown first depending on engagement. Thus, engagement rate has become very important with these changes. In other words, a post with a high engagement rate is

basically good content. This is a way to make certain that users get quality content first and see it for longer periods, than other posts. That said, higher engagement rates provide better chances of getting posts featured in such sections, as Discovery and Top Posts sections, which, if you are an influencer or want to become one, is a very useful feature. This is why it became the number one goal to get more Instagram likes and comments on your posts.