5 Ideas for an Unique Instagram Feed

What is the first thing you look at when you access any Instagram account? Right – the feed. No doubt. The Instagram feed is very important. It has to be very attractive and catchy to arise interest for people to access your individual posts further on and get a closer look to your insights and ideas.

The feed is another way to present your story, as people form a certain opinion when scrolling your feed, which provides a more compressed image of your brand, its story and progress.

A creative way to organize your feed is a powerful tool to maintain your followers’ interest and attract new audience, this is why you should carefully choose the approach and techniques to build an unusual and creative feed, and at the same time making it individual and representative. 

Starting out with a plan and knowing what you want is super important. That’s why we’ve gathered Instagram feed ideas to help you get inspiration. From color combinations to popular patterns draw inspiration from these distinctive styles to draw likes and follows.

Determine Your Instagram Aesthetic

The most popular brands and influencers stick to just a couple of filters. They also tend to edit the photos in the same way. But they do not choose them randomly. First of all they analyze and sketch how it will look as a whole. This can be done with your favorite editor, as there is plenty of them, even in open access.

One of the most popular Instagram feed ideas is minimalism. This theme presents a polished and organized presentation of the visual content. It consists of posting pictures containing minimum quantity of elements, and usually within a certain color pallet. Minimal Instagram feeds are flooding our scrolling sessions, and in the world of overly saturated photos of travellers and girl groups decked out in the latest fast fashion, it has never been more welcome. 

A bold and vibrant feed approach aims to attract attention. If you want to have a cheerful and bright feed, to create funny and youthful atmosphere, this is the best solution. The best demonstration here is Tara Whitman’s feed (@taramilktea), who has more than 800k followers. Nothing better can be invented to show active and interesting traveling around the world.

 Monochrome feeds are very rare on Instagram at the moment, but they are un style. You will definitely stand out with this kind of feed. It is suitable for classical personalities, showing contrast at the same time. You can never go wrong with black and white! It’s classic and classy, and you can easily produce content. It’s perfect for portraits and street photography as blacks and whites can really show the rawness of your subject.

 Pastel theme can brighten up your feed and make your heart skip a beat. They’re also a bit minimalist but vibrant, so they do a great job of highlighting the subject of a photo. Matt Crump’s (@mattcrump) neon-pastel is one of the best Instagram feed ideas revolving pastels. His aesthetic has been dubbed as “candy-colored minimalism.” Thanks to his Instagram aesthetic, he’s amassed 232,000 followers.

Choose Your Brand’s Core Colors

Putting an accent on your brand’s core colors can help you stand out. Every individual post should be centered on a certain color pallet or even 1 or 2 colors. This might be difficult, but the result is amazing. The first thing you have to do is select the color that will represent the brand everywhere, in every way.

Experiment with Puzzle and Grid Layouts

For most users, the grid layout of Instagram is often left ignored. But for aesthetic-driven users, grid layouts are the key to creating a great feed. There are tools like Sked planner, because it shows you exactly what your posts will look in an Instagram grid before you publish them. The perfectly planned Instagram feed’s handsome cousin from overseas. This one takes high-maintenance to the next level, but, boy is it nice to look at.

Rainbow Feed

If you don’t want to stick to your brand’s core colors, then you can take advantage of the rainbow feed. Basically, the main colors in the feed change as you scroll down. One of the best examples of the rainbow Instagram feed ideas in action is Sarah Peretz (@sarah_peretz). The smooth transition of colors amazes, and you can observe that the transition takes place even within the individual posts. It requires a bit more planning than other Instagram feed layouts. But if you pull it off, you will definitely stand out. Just choose 3-4 images in each color of the rainbow, with the last image “transitioning” to the next.

Choose a Border and Stick to It

Choosing a border (and sticking to it!) is one way to make your feed standout. Not only do they make your feed appear to have a consistent aesthetic, but they’re also easy to do.

A checkerboard is when every other photo has a similar background or color scheme. Some alternate between lighter and darker backgrounds. Others alternate the usual photos with quotes. In the image below, you’ll find an example of the checkerboard feed by @cerebralmist. Her feed alternates with a quote in a black background, followed by a photo.

Some of your favorite Instagram accounts often use tidy and clean white borders to create their ideal aesthetic layout. The trend makes for symmetrical and organized looking feeds that highlight beautiful photos against a white backdrop. There are a few different styles of white borders and a few different apps that can help you achieve the exact feed you want. @lady.austin — an account that specializes in travel blogging—is a fan of the white border theme. You can always find more interesting Instagram ideas on our blog. 

Rectangular photos aren’t common on Instagram. So this type of border will definitely stand out. This theme is perfect if you want your feed to appear elegant and sophisticated. Not only does it make your feed appear clean, but it can also highlight certain details in a photo. The white space can also improve a viewer’s experience. Take a look at Naomi Rahim’s (@auroradesign) Instagram feed to view the border’s effect.

Just be creative, and your fantasy flow. With these examples you can create even more! InstaShop is always with you, to guid you through to an amazing and fruitful Instagram account.