How to run an Instagram Giveaway ?

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram became the core of the online businesses. Having an online business, the best opportunity to promote and to grow it, is to start using Instagram as a place of market, which is what Instagram changed to. 

A lot of businesses use Instagram for marketing purposes because it really works. Instagram Giveaways are part of any good marketing plan that uses the platform and here we will explore how you can use them to your advantage.

The first thing that you should do is to get an Instagram verified account. In case if you need any help on that you can use the Instagram services we offer such as: Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes, Instagram Views, Instagram Comments . This is the first step towards having success and growing new Instagram followers on the platform. 

If you ever wondered how to run a Giveaway on Instagram, continue reading. Here we will explain and give you some general information of how to start an Instagram Giveaway. 

What are Instagram Giveaways ? 

Instagram gives the opportunity to brands and companies to run giveaways for expanding their services or products on the online market. All of these opportunities are called Instagram Giveaways. 

Well, in a short way, Giveaway is a contest that has a specific time limit and that helps to share information about brands and to “conquer” new customers creating a close relationship with them. 

The probability to reach a much wider auditory through Giveaways for companies is very high than normally, there are a lot of chances to develop and to get more customers while running into a giveaway. 

If you wonder whether it is easy or not, the answer is: Yes, it is easy and simple !

To start a giveaway on Instagram you should select the prize ( that will be given away), then, inform your auditory about all the rules that they must follow to enter the contest. The next step is gonna be the lead time (how many days your giveaway will occur) and the last one, the most important one is : Who won? 

And, that’s it! You did it!

Why run an Instagram Giveaway ?

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when these are branded stuff or maybe something that you wanted to have or/and planned to get. The word “free” has an impressive power over all humans, old or young. 

All these contests (giveaways) are great for brands, especially for those that want to increase their Instagram Followers. Giveaways can increase it up to 70%, which is really good and comfortable. 

How to launch an Instagram Giveaway

How was mentioned before, running an Instagram Giveaway is a good thing to do when you want to develop your Instagram page and increase Instagram Followers. Another thing that you need to know is that starting a contest on Instagram is not hard or something impossible. 

And of course, the main important thing is that you will increase the engagement rate of your Instagram Account. 

Well, let's take a look on how to launch a Giveaway on IG:

Find the right gift for the winner. 

Is very important to give away something that is contemporary and useful for your Instagram followers. The gift might be products or services such as: skin care products/services , fitness cards, cloths, massage cards and why not, cool stickers, books, jewelry and many more. 

Giveaway rules

Instagram contests have the goal to increase your engagement rate which includes: Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes, Instagram Views and Instagram Comments. Well, try to put those rules that will give you all of these.

You can add rules such as:

  • Like the post
  • Share the post in their story ( you can ask them to tag you )
  • Comment/tag a friend or more friends (comments can be unlimited or limited)


An important point is the deadline of the giveaway. You can choose the time depending on the goal and on the entire giveaway, it’s amount and what actually does it contain. 

Here are some specific things that you should pay attention to when you set the deadline. If you have thousands of insta-followers, the deadline might be hours or a few days, this way you will get more activity due to your number of Instagram Followers.

But, if you are a beginner and want to run a giveaway, the best deadline will be 7 days or more. It will give you more time to increase your engagement rate and to make your contest popular on Instagram

The winner

The highlight of the contest is who wins it? 

Well, when the giveaways time ends, here comes the big day when you should pick the winner, that person who will get that gift you offer. There are a lot of websites that give you the opportunity to pick the winner online and without money. Those types of services pick the winner randomly, so there will not be people chosen by you. 

When the winner is picked, make sure that it followed all the rules for your giveaway. An important thing that you should pay attention on, is to choose the winner transparently. Do it live or record the moment of choosing the winner and then post it on your story or on timeline. 


And there you have it – some cool ideas on how to run Instagram contests and make the most of this creative and fun. You can greatly grow your Instagram Followers and engagement rate if you will follow the steps mentioned above. Running Instagram giveaway is a good way to boost your Instagram page. After knowing how to run an Instagram giveaway in 2021, if you are interested in it, you can run your giveaway now!