How to Make Cool Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a tool offered by Instagram which allows you to post short videos or photos for 24 hours. This tool is very easy and comfortable to use and to post. 

Today, more than 500 million Instagrammers are using stories daily. If you have ever thought about experimenting with stories to boost your reach or engagement rate, now, is the right time to start posting Instagram Stories. 

Instagram Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed — and all Instagram accounts will be able to share stories, from your best friends to your favorite popular accounts. When there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it.

Why to post Instagram Stories and when?

To be successful with Instagram Stories, you must pay attention to some criterias that will definitely help you to get a good start. Well, the main thing that you should pay attention to is that the Instagram story lifespan is 24hours. They vanish quickly and that’s what makes them special. Imagine that you post something and people that cannot see it today, for sure will not see it tomorrow. And let’s be honest, nobody likes to miss out on something. This is what makes them special and why people like to use and watch them frequently.

 When it comes to the question When to post stories, the answer is pretty simple. You should post stories when you have something to say and you do not have anything to say. Confused, right? Well, it is normal to be confused because you should always post on your Instagram Stories to stay more active with your Instagram Followers even if you have what to share or not. 

How to make quality content for your Instagram Stories ?

Having good and quality content is one of the most important things that you should work on Instagram. 

Quality content became the main type of content that engages your Instagram followers the most. The content might be different for everyone and it might differ from an user to user. This way you can research and find your type of content which will attract and will get up the interest in your auditory. 

Let’s take an example. Imagine you are an illustrator, people probably would like to see posts with your artwork, sketches, professional tips, working process, etc. rather than your selfies. Or, if you have an online store, people would like to see more information about your collection, promotions or some exclusive offers. There are many more examples and tips that you should pay attention on. 

Let’s take a look on some universal ideas for Instagram Stories:

The huge success is possible but first of all, you should start it with small and right steps. You should follow those steps that definitely will work. Well, to know the right and convincing procedures, we will give you a few of them that are truthful. 

  • Create an unique content

The first universal tip that everyone should use is simply - to stay unique. If you are copying someone else there will not be any interest from the people to follow you and your Instagram Page will simply fall. Try to find something unique that represents you and your personality. 

  • Share your new feed posts

A practice that actually works and helps you reach more of your Instagram followers. How? Stories are live 24 hours and your followers will see that you have a new story whenever they log in within these 24 hours. In comparison, they may miss your new feed post if it was posted several hours ago. So, sharing on Stories the news about your latest feed post actually helps you get more reach

  • Create polls and quizzes

Instagram Stories allow you not only to engage customers but to get feedback as well. How to do that? Well, it is very simple - by creating polls. Creating polls changes your followers’ status from static viewers to active participants. You need only to type your question and let the poll start. 

Another tool that grows your engagement rate is quiz. In the quiz, you manually type the options from which the viewers will choose their preferred one.

  • Share other people stories

Sharing your Instagram followers’ stories is a step further in building a stronger relationship with them. The occasion may be different – them participating in your contest, using your products, mentioning you or any other type of content that is related to you.

  • Ask your Instagram Followers to ask questions

When you are out of ideas, try this. By using Instagram stories, ask your followers to ask you questions. This is an easy way to generate content that will be exciting for your audience. You can create a series of stories with your answers. Or have one day of the week when you post stories answering all questions from the previous week.

Stylise your stories

On Instagram it is very important to create your own and personal style, no matter if this is about posts or stories, you always should have that “taste” that will attract people to your page. This way, your account will be memorable and look more stylish. 

Let’s take a few tips that will help you to stylise stories:

  • Add filters

Instagram Filters became the funniest and easiest way to make a cool story. There are a huge range of cool and amazing filters that you can use. Another point, you can create your own/branded filter , it is free and not that hard. 

Try to find out the most used filters and try them on your page, it is gonna work. For sure !

  • Add background

Try to post stories with backgrounds. You can choose any backgrounds you like, but preferably to use those backgrounds that are related to your content or with what your story is gonna be about. 

  • Add stickers

Instagram offers you a lot of stickers that you can use in your stories. These are easy to use and look cool.

  • Add music

Another cool thing/tool that you should use in your stories is Instagram Music. You can put your favorite song and share with your Instagram followers. Let them know what you listen to and what you like.

  • Add text

Besides all mentioned above, you can add text in your stories. It can be a short explanation of what your story is about or other thoughts that you'd like to share with your auditory. 

Tips and Tricks of How to get popular on Instagram with Instagram Stories

Getting popular on Instagram is considered a success for every influencer or business profile. The below tips and tricks will get you closer to a huge star on Instagram.

  • Be active everyday

Stories vanish after 24 hours, so to maintain the spark, post at least one story every day. It doesn’t have to be the same type of content every day. Even if you are out of ideas, you can always post a favorite quote or start a discussion by asking provocative questions.

  • Let viewers share your story

Allowing your Instagram followers to share your content with their friends will help you reach a wider audience. There are options on Instagram that let viewers re-share your stories and feed posts either to their stories or via direct messages. Go to your profile, tap “Settings”, then “Privacy”, then “Story” and make sure the options “Allow Resharing to Stories” and “Allow Sharing” are enabled.

  • Add hashtag

Hashtags are a good thing to any post, they can make them discoverable by a really huge audience. You can also add hashtags to your Instagram Stories. It’s always a good practice to catch the wave with trendy hashtags, so your content reaches more people and gets more Instagram views.This way, you can easily grow your auditory. 

  • Add location

Another cool feature on Instagram that you probably already know about are locations. Instagram Story allows you to add a geotag and this feature is also very useful. It helps you get more exposure to locals. It works similarly to hashtags, people can use geotags to search for local businesses, offers, etc.

  • Mention other profiles

We already mentioned how important mentions are. They tighten the bond between your Instagram followers and you. Sharing other people’s content along with mentioning them makes them feel more significant and makes you look more down-to-earth and approachable.

  • Be active on other people stories

Don’t just sit and wait for people to be active ,be active yourself. If someone you follow has a poll, give your answer. If they organize a Q&A session, ask a question, and so on.

  • Promote your stories

This is a tip that business profiles can benefit from. Instagram Stories give you the option to promote your stories. Story promotions work in a similar way to regular post promotions with the difference that they only appear in-between the stories of your Instagram followers and will help you to increase the number of Instagram views and Instagram likes

  • Use highlights

Stories that permanently appear on your profile are called highlights. Highlights allow you to keep stories forever (up to 100 stories per highlight) in order to show different areas of your life. Think of highlights as different albums where you keep memories. From a business perspective, highlights are very useful, as well. They allow you to present your business in a more effective way – you can show different areas of your business, events and causes you’ve participated in, and so on.

Instagram Stories are powerful tools that can help you to reach those levels that you are dreaming about. It is very easy to use them and they do not take a lot of time. The only effort that you need to do is to open you Instagram App, open camera and record your thoughts and share them with your Instagram Followers

Good luck!