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Do you know that not all of your subscribers may see the photos or videos you are posting on their feed? This is called ranked feed and due to this particular Instagram feature such things are happening. Abbreviatedely, if your posts achieve a sufficient number of real Instagram likes, then this mechanism concludes that your publications are indeed interesting and decides to show them to other users, examining that they are good enough in order to be shown to a large audience. In this case, all you have to do is to buy real Instagram likes. Therefore your posts will be lifted in the top positions of the feed. In case the followers will not appreciate your posts (do not like, do not write comments), the algorithm decides that the post has a low quality and it will be shown to a smaller number of followers. In this situation you have 2 available solutions. First one is to wait for likes to come by themselves or to buy cheap Instagram likes in order to boost your Instagram

In order to form a good marketing strategy, you have to share more information about your products to a bigger number of Instagram users. Therefore, if you want more sales, you need more real Insta likes.

In order for you to attain a greater effect on Instagram and boost the engagement percentage, your account has to perform well. All you have to do in this case is to increase the IG likes number. You can buy 10000 Instagram likes from InstaShop.

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