How to Block or Unblock Someone on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms that have engulfed millions of people all over the world. Instagram is not limited to teenagers, as adults and children also enjoy scrolling down their feed on their account. As this social media platform gains popularity with every day that passes, there have been several questions that people look forward to know more about. The first being, how to know if someone has blocked you? The answer to this is not quite complex but to understand that you need to know a little about Instagram.

What do we do on Instagram? Instagram is the social media platform that provides users the ability to post images and videos on their account. The profile contains the content that the user wishes to showcase to all of his followers. Followers are other users who have given permission to view all the content of that profile.

Followers get to exchange reviews concerning the images and videos posted through Instagram likes and comments. Moreover, there are numerous fashion bloggers, food porn account, etc. that showcase their work. Millions of celebrities also post about their lives on Instagram through pictures and videos which helps them stay connected with their fans. Fans get to know what the celebrity is up to and enjoy their lives with them.

This is how we come to the next question:

How to block someone on Instagram?

There are several occasions where we don’t want to share our content with someone. If you have accepted the following request of that user but want to make sure the user does not view or even get to message you on your profile, you can block that user instantly.

Blocking on Instagram is not very hard. Users have full authority to decide who gets to view their content and who does not. The Instagram block is actually a thing!

To block a page or profile you have to open their profile first. After this on the top right corner press the three dots that appear.

This will open a list of options for you. The first option written in red says BLOCK.

All you have to do is say okay to the option that asks you if you are sure about this. And that is it! All you need to block someone on Instagram.

And you can always check if everything went as it should.

How to unblock someone on Instagram?

Just because you blocked someone a while ago does not mean you cannot unblock them. Instagram gives you the facility to unblock them so that both of you can view each other’s content.

So, how do you unblock someone? The process is not very hard. Just head to your own profile and look for the settings option. This option can be found on the top right corner.

Then go to the option that says, Settings. Click on that, and it will give you a list of all your Profile Options. Next click on Privacy and Security.

There you will find Blocked Account Click on that, and it will give you a list of all the users you have blocked so far.

You can easily review these profiles and unblock whoever you wish to.

If someone blocked you on Instagram you will not be able to send them a message. Moreover, apart from their content hidden from you, you will not be able to see their story which you can see for not more than 24 hours. This is how you will be able to tell if someone blocked you Instagram. It is simple, isn’t it?

Just as simple blocking someone on Instagram is, unblocking someone on Instagram is also not that hard. The processes hardly require a lot of time and effort. You might be able to look for options the first time but the second time you are doing the same thing it will be very easy for you.

If you are new on Instagram you might be looking for people who you can follow and increase number of followers you have. There are in fact several ways through which you can look for someone.

  • Search through their username
  • Search their full name
  • Use any hashtag that they have used
  • Make use of the location they have been recently to
  • Search for people through Facebook or Twitter

If you are not sure about the usernames of your friends you wish to follow on Instagram you can make use of your Facebook and Twitter accounts to do so. The process is simple. Available on the bottom right of the screen will be a profile image. It will appear somewhat like a contact card. Next, you need to go to the option that says Find Friends. This will help highlight all your Facebook and Twitter friends that are on Instagram using the same email id.

How to know if someone has blocked you?

If you haven’t seen any content from the user you are thinking has blocked you there is one thing that you can do to be sure.

It is simple and will not take a lot of your time. Type the name or the username of the person you want to know about in the search bar. When the person you are looking for appears, open the profile. This will open the user’s profile instantly. If you view the profile but no content is visible, that is when you know that the user has blocked you. However, another reason can be that the user has deactivated his account.

If you are wondering whether we can block someone on Instagram, the answer is yes. When you block someone on Instagram, they will not be able to message you on Instagram or view any of the content that you post.

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