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The reasons why business accounts need a big amount of followers is quite apparent:

Business Instagram users are trying to sell their products. The more followers they own, the more potential customers their brand gets, this is why a lot of users use to buy real Instagram followers

But there are more conveniences of having a big number of Insta followers that aren’t obvious at the first glance. For example:

More Instagram followers make Instagram more fun. If you are publishing useful content to a handful of subscribers, Instagram can become a bit boring for you. Actually, the more followers you have, the more comments and likes you’ll get, which means that you are going to keep touch with more people. After all, the whole objective of social media like Instagram is to be social.

With more real Instagram followers, your business will appear more trustworthy. If your account has only one hundred followers, there are little chances of other users to take you seriously. Low IG follower rate indicates that you haven’t put in the work sufficiently in order to increase your customer base. No one likes an inactive account on Instagram.

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