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All You Need to Know About Buying Instagram Followers

When it comes to buying Instagram followers, people have different opinions, which lead to sometimes quite heated debates. There are individuals that claim that doing so isn’t good for your account, since it needs real persons as followers, who would provide a high rate of engagement to you, while fake followers – bots or inactive accounts – will simply ruin your account’s metrics, etc. Whatever your case is, the fact here should be acknowledged: not only individuals, but even many social media companies are buying Instagram followers as a means of business promotion.

Each new Instagram account starts with nothing. Mostly every Instagram user wishes to have a massive base of followers, which often can be their wet dreams even before creating an account. Large Instagram followers base makes a profile look interesting and appealing to a potential audience. Number of followers is a major factor in people’s decision on following a profile or not. Nevertheless, creating a big following from scratch demands time and an enormous amount of quality content, engagement, and a nice set of potential followers (that’s right, you need to eye a particular audience, first of all). But, we are all living in the world, in which competition is getting more and more intense each day, there is no way you or anyone else can really cope with and manage all of these tasks every single day.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Large Number of Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram followers will not only save you time by boosting your profile. It also provides other benefits, such as the following:

  • You get more real Instagram followers. When you already have a large base of Instagram followers, it basically increases your popularity in the mind’s eye of your potential followers. People running across your profile will pretty much think, “Hey, this person here seems quite popular, maybe I should check him/her out, too!” Such users will eventually start following you and engaging with your content (just make sure to generate quality content on a regular basis!). One of the companies conducted an experiment: they set up two accounts promoting the same product and have added 6,000 Instagram followers to one of them, leaving another absolutely void of any followers at all. The company performed the same daily activities on both accounts, which included following, commenting, and liking posts made by potential real followers. When the test came to an end, the account that was added with 6,000 followers received 30% more real followers, than the one started with no followers.
  • Higher conversion rates. This benefit is directly related to social proof. People generally tend to make choices consistent with those made by people that surround them. Thus, if your Instagram profile has a large number of followers, your conversion rates are going to increase. Your new followers will simply assume that you have a big following, since your service or product (if you’re selling anything) is good. People will begin paying more attention to your content. Trends are an extremely powerful thing, so no one wants to drop out of something that’s trending.

So, considering the two benefits mentioned above, you can make an assumption that buying Instagram followers isn’t such a bad thing after all. Investing into followers will allow you save time on generating quality content and getting more real followers, thus boosting sales via higher conversion rates.

Moreover, buying followers isn’t too expensive! Sure, you can go the other way around and hire a social media marketing company that will charge you thousands of dollars to grow your Instagram audience and get the conversion machine going. But, on the other hand, why should you, when you can just buy an Instagram followers package for much, much less? Give it another minute before ultimately making up your mind.

What You Get in the Outcome

Accumulating a massive following on Instagram is a lot demanding than you might think. If you don’t have a reliable sponsor, who can support you, don’t expect to manage growing your audience within a short period. On the other hand, Instashop follower packages will easily fill this gap for you for a really insignificant investment. You will get your brand new shiny followers as soon, as possible. Here are some of the things you’ll get after buying yourself Instagram followers from Instashop:

  • Increased influence. As we’ve outlined previously, the more followers you already have on your profile, the more of the new real followers are to tag along. Simply put, when people notice a person or business that is followed by thousands of users, the probability of them joining raises exponentially;
  • Better credibility status. Over 70% of consumers are looking for a credible social evidence and product reviews prior to making a purchase. This is exactly when a large following comes into play. If you get Instagram followers from Instashop, your social status will immediately get a serious boost, thus converting more users into paying clients;
  • Improved social image. No matter if you are a specialist in your field, have some cool new store, own a café or are a performer, if you have a noticeable fan base, you become a target as someone talented, successful and trustworthy. These three factors are crucial for any successful effort, whether it’s business, art, services or anything at all;
  • Immediate exposure. It’s really hard to get lots of people to see your photos. Deciding to build a following on your own will most probably take most of your valuable time that you could’ve used otherwise. With Instashop packages this process becomes much quicker. Instashop ensures instant exposure. And the only thing you’ll have to do afterwards is generating quality content and engage with your real audience.


Modern world is the world of Internet. Information flows from everywhere. People are free to express their opinion on whatever subject. Some will not like the idea of Instagram followers’ purchase. But, if you do it right, if you properly distribute your activity, then this buy will definitely bear its fruit, bringing more and more new followers that will engage with your content.

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