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Instagram Engagement Rate: Infographic

By far the biggest disagreement when it comes to calculating Instagram engagement rate is whether it should be a function of your total number of followers or total impressions. Still, there are researches which have come up with a ratio of the engagement rate per the number of followers.

5 Ideas for an Unique Instagram Feed

The Instagram feed is very important. It has to be very attractive and catchy to arise interest for people to access your individual posts further on and get a closer look to your insights and ideas. The feed is another way to present your story, as people form a certain opinion when scrolling your feed, which provides a more compressed image of your brand, its story and progress.

Instagrammer: now is the right time to change your career!

With some planning and a strong desire, Internet gives the opportunity for ordinary people to become extraordinary, and enjoy their personal freedom. We constructed a list of Instagrammers that will inspire you and share their experience here with you.

10 things you should NOT DO on Instagram

We decided to bring you 10 most important things you should NOT DO on Instagram, in order to confirm your development, and build an interesting and trendy Instagram account, as over one billion people use Instagram nowadays, and it is very hard to keep the pace.

TOP 10 people whose business became successful with Instagram

As business owners struggle to get noticed on such popular social media platform as Instagram, which is used by millions of people, we curated this list of 10 entrepreneurs whose Instagram accounts are the real deal, to get you started.

Instagram presence: 8 tips to build a catchy Instagram account content and become visible.

Nowadays, to build an attractive Instagram account it’s a really hard work , that needs time, imagination and creativity. There are a lot of reasons why to create an account on Instagram. The most popular is to develop a small business that will help you to promote your products.

Top 10 interesting facts about Instagram. Did you think you knew everything?

A lot of us know about Instagram more general facts, but we have completed a list of more interesting facts that may event change your mind about the most popular social platform.

Easily Link Multiple Accounts in Your Instagram Bio Link, and Manage Your Traffic with

A “bio” on social media is a place where organisations, influencers and individuals share essential information about themselves. LinkedIn allows you to link to your employer’s official page and a perfectly comfortable solution for Instagram bio.

Instagram Account Security: 5 Basic Measures of Digital Security on Instagram that you Better Pay Attention to...

As Instagram is one of the mostly surfed social platforms, it is very important to know the key elements to ensure the security of your Instagram account. Your security is the first thing you should think about . From this reason we completed key tips which will help you.

How to make popular your Instagram in 2019

Becoming more popular means getting more likes, and to get more likes on Instagram you must share the right contents at the right time. We are going to share you more tips that will help you to become popular on Instagram.