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How to protect your Instagram account from hacking. Instagram security

We at InstaShop consider and place our users’ social Instagram security in the first row. Consequently, we will present to you how to protect your Instagram account from hacking.

Instagram statistics. How to grow Instagram

The function of studying Instagram statistics allows you to get to know your audience closely and understand what do your Instagram followers want to see in your account.

How to create an Instagram pet account and monetize Instagram

Nowadays Instagram pet accounts are popular and you can easily monetize it or simply help your pet to become an Instagram star. n this article you will learn how to create a successful Instagram animal page.

Top Instagram Trends for 2021

2021 promises to be a favourable year for Instagram business accounts that are trying to develop their brand’s recognition. Here are 2021 Instagram trends that will help you boost Instagram

Instagram Stories Game. 5 Useful Examples for Followers Engagement

Instagram Stories represent a direct instrument for businesses that can enhance the connection between the brand and the audience. As engagement rate plays an essential part, businesses are in a constant pursuit of attractive and appealing content.

Instagram Shopping Tags: The Ultimate Guide

Instagram Shopping Tags are tags that can be used to mark products (this function is not available for services) on Instagram photos. The function works in a similar way to tagging people in photos.

Stop motion is back in vogue on Instagram: how to create cool content with animation

Instagram severely limits the length of video content. Stop motion videos are suitable for Instagram format. Remember notebooks with pictures that began to come to life when quickly scrolled? The principle is the same.

How to? Instagram Influencer marketing and Instagram promotion strategy

The Instagram influencers' audience favourably appreciate collaborations between business owners and Instagrammers. What's more, Instagram users trust Instagram influencer advertising more than traditional ads.

Instagram Updates. New Messaging Features and Tools for Instagram Business

For the 10th anniversary of the beloved and the most popular social platform, Instagram announced several Instagram updates. As Messenger is the most used place to share, hang out and message, Instagram connects Direct with Messenger and brings some of the best Messenger features to Instagram.

How can Instagram AR filters grow your Instagram Account

Instagram AR masks represent an innovative and efficient marketing tool on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, at this moment.