Top 5 steps to promote new IT business/company on Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has grown extremely and became one of the most used apps in the world. The photo-sharing app continues to grow and reach new records in the number of users and their time spent on this app. Instagram came up as one of the most important social media networks in marketing . It has become a “main ingredient” of many brands to grow their business much better and make it worldwide popular. There is also a huge number of influencers with a massive number of Insta followers and with a good activity.

If you are a beginner and have an IT business, here comes the chance to promote it on Instagram.

Here are the main 5 steps of How to Promote your IT business on Instagram:

  1. Introduce your business
  2. Post media to attract people
  3. Use Hashtags 
  4. Be consistent. Stay active!
  5. Partner with influencers

  • Introduce your business 

The most important points for an Instagram account are the nickname, biography and profile picture. These all are the first things that come up when someone is opening your page on Instagram. The nickname should be a word that will be memorable and easy to find or search. Also, an important thing is to keep it simple and clear.

The second important point is your business biography. The biography must contain a description of your business, where it is located and a link to your business account where your clients can check. Try to keep your biography simple and clear, try not to add much information, the interested people might not read that caption.

The last important thing is your profile photo, which can be a picture that relates your business or your company’s name on it. Try to keep it simple and make it memorable as eye contact is the first thing that happens when someone is browsing your account. This way you will attract the audience and will make them easy to navigate. 

  • Post media

Post media displays and describe your business, activities and what products or services you are selling. Is a must to have these posts aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching to attract the right audience. Try to take your pictures more professionally with high quality, the colors should be pleasant for eyes and make them look cool and attractive. Good lighting is always welcomed!

If you’d like to edit them, do not overdo things to look nothing like the original picture.

  • Use hashtags when posting media

Hashtags are very important in making your business page popular on Instagram. Using advantages of hashtags you get way more likes. Besides that, hashtags make a huge difference. Basically what hashtags do is it brings exposure to your media from direct audiences. When you use hashtags that go with what you are posting. In the end you put exposure to your work, products or services. 

  • Be consistent. Stay active!

Being active is necessary for your business to start growing. People notice when you are not active and they might not be interested in your activity and you might lose them very fast. You might lose customers, clientele and you don’t make any money. 

Posting stories is very welcomed on Instagram, these differ from regular posts because they come in a “slideshow” format, which is very cool. Instagram Stories have benefits for starters , these are displayed at the top of the follower timeline where users already look daily. You can also tag other accounts in Stories, which is great if you’re collaborating with another brand or influencer.

  • Partner with influencers 

If you want to get potential customers on Instagram, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to find influencers who have already developed their page and built a strong audience. 

A lot of people buy services and products based on what they are seeing in their feed from the influencers they follow. If you are finding and working with the right influential people, you might get your business in front of those users. All your customers might not be influencers , but you can use their posts to influence other people to buy your services. 

Instagram has dominated the whole world , becoming the best photo-sharing platform with 1 billion monthly active users that are sharing everything with everyone. Daily there are billions of likes and thousands of views, so you need to be a part of this online world. Once you join, don’t forget to be active as much as you can, put all efforts to make your online business huge and known. 

Instagram offers you a wide range of tools to make your page interesting and attractive. Use them daily and always try do research to make them look even better. Keep an eye on follower growth rate and on engagement rate

Finally, be sure that you track the right metrics to see how your Instagram marketing efforts are paying off.