Top 10 interesting facts about Instagram. Did you think you knew everything?

Photography has changed massively over the years. A couple of bonus stats attest to that: more pictures are now taken every two minutes than were taken during the entire 1800s.

It is also estimated that ten percent of all photos ever taken were snapped in the last twelve months. It seems our appetite for photography shows no signs of slowing down. These Instagram stats demonstrate how important this trend is for marketers hoping to reach their audience.

A lot of us know about Instagram more general facts like: it was created in 2010 on September 10 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and that it is the most popular application that reached after 2 years it was launched – 100 millions registered users. But have you heard of the following?

1. The first human that posted a photo on Instagram was Kevin Systrom ( born in December 30, 1983). The Co-founder of Instagram posted a photo with his dog in July 16, 2010 with description “test” and this photo still exists on his profile: In 2016 Forbes ranked Systrom as a billionaire with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion

2.Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6%more engagement and posts with a location receive 79%. Te most used hashtags are #love, #instagood , #me, #cute and #follow and the most used emoji on IG is heart emoji.

3. If you thought that Instagram advertising appears in the last couple of years, here is an interesting fact, advertising was introduced in October 2013 but only for select brands and in 2015 it becomes accessible for all users. Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

At the moment there are now over 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram and over 25 million brand accounts, with 80% of users following one. More than half of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for every post.

4.Instagram have now over 1 billion monthly active users, it is the most used application in USA, reaching 110 million active users, Brazil (66 million ) and India (64 million) taken second and third place. Other 60% of users log in daily , making Instagram the second most engaged network after Facebook, remind that in 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock, with a plan to keep the company independently managed.

5. At the time of this writing , the most followed person in the world in 2019 is Cristiano Ronaldo with 181 million followers and the most followed brands (besides Instagram itself) is National Geographic, with 109 million and counting followers, Nike , Victoria’s Secret, 9GAG, and Nike Football. It has been revealed that Ronaldo can earn upward of $750,000 for every ad-based picture he posts, which is absolutely bonkers when you think about it. In 2018 this place was taken by Selena Gomez that had 138 million followers.

6. Did you ever think that a photo with an egg will have more Instagram likes than a photo with Kylie Jenner ? Yes, the world record of most liked post belongs to a photo with an egg that have over 53 million likes and it is without buying them , but the cheeky egg even got a response from Kylie Jenner herself.       

7. The biggest demographic group are males between 18-24 years old, while 75% of all users are aged between 18-24. 37% of US users are now on Instagram. A study has discovered that 8% of all Instagram accounts are fake and 80% of all Instagram accounts are personal – an average user has 648 followers and is following 359 accounts.

8. In 2015, Instagram was forecasted to bring in $10.87 billion in mobile ad revenue, in 2017 it was estimated Nearly $4 billion and by 2019 it is said that Instagram ad revenue could reach over $10 billion.

9. All of us got used to call Instagram by this name but do you know that the firs name was Codename, but the name changed to Instagram before it was launched. The name of IG comes from a mashing of “insta camera” and “telegram”

10. On a normal day there are over 80 million photos shared on Instagram and 3.5 billion likes. Photos see more engagement than videos on Instagram. Every day, one hundred million accounts upload a Story on a daily basis. In 2017, Instagram was the most used network for cyber-bullying. 

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