Top 10 Instagram tips you probably did not know about

With every update launched by Instagram new features appear, but few of us know how to use them at their maximum. We propose the top ten Instagram tips you should know in 2019.

Disable Activity Status For Direct Messages

A while ago, Instagram have added the feature for users your activity status for Direct Messages. At the same time, they introduced the possibility to hide your activity status from others. This can be done in the Settings right in your app:

However, you should be aware of the fact that once you disable the availability of your activity status, you will not be able the others’ statuses as well. So this feature might be kind of tricky, huh.

Extra colors from the color selection in your stories

Everyone knows that there are 27 basic text colors in Instagram when adding Stories. But did you know that you can have the entire color pallet?

To get them, you need to click on that drawing pen again and then, click on any color offered to you and hold your finger. In a second, you’ll see a big palette of gradient colors that you can choose from. Keep your finger glued to the screen, while moving it right/left until you find the color you like. Discover more tips with our blog ;)

It’s a cool ‘wheel’ trick that you can use for your background behind texts as well.

Create the ombre/rainbow text effect on Instagram Stories

Right, this is possible in Instagram Stories, but be aware that you might need some time to train.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Write your text
  • Select all of your text
  • Hold your right thumb on any color on the suggested color palette
  • Hold your left thumb on the text cursor
  • Slide both fingers simultaneously to the left
  • Your letters will change colors

3D effect on fonts

We all know that Instagram does not offer a big variety of fonts when it comes to Stories. At the same time, we all want something unlike the others. How about a 3D effect on the already existing fonts?

That’s pretty easy!

All you have to do is to go to the text writing section and select the wanted font (it might not work with the neon font). Write the wanted word or phrase using the black color and save it. After that, type the same text, using the same font, but choose the color you want, and voila! Your text should look like this:

Use different fonts on Stories

While Stories offer only 5 fonts officially – Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong – there’s a little trick you can use to go around it and add more fonts to your content.

First, make sure your Safari (or Chrome) browser is open on your phone.

Then, open the Instagram app, go to Stories, and select (but not upload) the photo you want to share with the world.

Then, if you have an iPhone, double tap on your Home button: you’ll see two tabs open at the same time. Go to your browser and open this website: (for example). There, select the “Fancy Text” option and type in whatever you want to say on your Story. That text will be automatically transformed in multiple fonts – all you need to do is scroll down, choose what you like, and click “copy”.

The text will be copied to your clipboard in the selected font.

After that, double click on your Home button again and go back to your Instagram app – the Stories draft is still there! Go in it, select the text icon (“Aa”), tap and hold on the screen where the blinking cursor is, and click “Paste”. Now you have a Story with a text font that no one else has! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Turn the screen

Did you ever ask yourself how do Instagram influencers turn the camera so quickly when recording videos in Stories or going Live? Here is the trick. All you need to do is quick-tap the screen twice while you’re recording, and your phone will be using the face camera the very next second!

Change stickers by tapping on them

Ok, this one is pretty easy, but in case you didn’t know: you can actually change the Instagram stickers on Stories by tapping on them. They either change their position OR color.

On Stories, you can ALWAYS tap on everything to slightly alter the looks of the stickers. Don’t forget about this simple Instagram tip to differentiate!

Hide hashtags in […] in the first comment

Hashtags are like lottery tickets – you want to use them all, and all at once. Admittedly, though, that might look a bit spammy in your Instagram caption, taking attention away from your call to action, or whatever is it that you’re trying to say there.

You probably heard the advice to post your hashtags in the first comment – and you probably have been doing that already. However, your followers still can see that huge list of hashtags as your very first comment – so, while this is definitely looks more aesthetically pleasing, it’s definitely still not perfect.

When you’re about to paste your pre-researched hashtags, post five dots in lines just before the block of your hashtags. As soon as you post that comment, Instagram will hide your hashtags in the […] brackets, making them look neat and proper!

Own other accounts to interact with your own content

Many of us have multiple Instagram accounts. Whether you’re a business, that owns more than one brand, or a social media manager, that curates more than one Instagram account, the truth is: we all have access to more profiles. So why not take advantage of that? You can, after all, be logged in in up to 5 Instagram accounts on one device.

As soon as you’ve posted something, switch your Instagram accounts, go back to your profile with the new post, leave a like, and some engaging comments that looks real and authentic. If you’re not capable of ‘real’ in the harsh days of Instagram authenticity, just like and leave a heart-eyed emoji. This little trick would only give you another boost your content need to get some extra love from the algorithm.

Tag everybody in the same corner

One of the best Instagram tips you hear for growth is tagging. Indeed, tagging is great for exposure, as it increases your visibility AND puts you in front of the eyes of a brand or an influencers you want to impress.

However, just like with hashtags, if you tag too many people, it will look extremely spammy if someone taps on your photo and sees a lot of tags spread around. Don’t get me wrong, but it looks just a bit desperate.

Bonus Instagram Tip: Interact 15 min before and after posting

We all know that Instagram algorithm LOVES engagement – especially within the first half an hour of publishing your posts. A lot of engagement straight away means the algorithm recognizes that post is something worth pushing up and up the feed, for more eyes to see.

Influencers know that too, and they sometimes use a little trick to draw some extra attention to their latest post. Many of them, interact with other posts for literally 30 minutes straight, 15 minutes before publishing the new post, and 15 minutes after. And by “interact”, I mean they go into their relevant hashtags, see a post, and leave like 10000 likes for that user who posted it.

Literally liking everything they see, and even leaving a comment here and there. Before you deem this activity as spammy, what it results in is sparking interest – who is this person? – and wanting to check out the profile back. Which normally results in liking at least one picture from the feed – and usually it’s the very first one they see.

Do try this! It’s one of the best Instagram tips you can try to increase your engagement and reach.