12 Instagram Stats Marketers Must Know in 2019 + Infographic

As Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platform, it opens up an outstanding field for marketing strategies which have a great potential for your business development. So, let’s dig a little deeper to see how and why Instagram is so plainly amazing and promising.

[2019] Do Instagram likes under your posts really matter?

Surely you are aware that likes on Instagram are the main indicator by which other users rate you. Popular profiles are highly trusted by the audience. And a good impression is the most important thing.

Top 10 interesting facts about Instagram. Did you think you knew everything?

A lot of us know about Instagram more general facts, but we have completed a list of more interesting facts that may event change your mind about the most popular social platform.

Instagram Engagement Rate: Infographic

By far the biggest disagreement when it comes to calculating Instagram engagement rate is whether it should be a function of your total number of followers or total impressions. Still, there are researches which have come up with a ratio of the engagement rate per the number of followers.

How To Boost Instagram Account in 2020

A recent study showed that users spend 0.2 seconds on a single post on their feed. Therefore, your posts should be visually cool and catchy at first sight. In order to ease your Instagram strategy, we pointed out how to deliver an unique concept, take photos, write posts, maintain and boost Instagram account so as not to sink to the bottom of the algorithmic feed, but to attract a bigger community.