Instagrammer: now is the right time to change your career!

Internet have changed the whole world just in a few years. It is a virtual world which connects the physical. Beginning from finding tons of information, to easing your life with tasks you can do from home, as well as finding your dream job.

With some planning and a strong desire, Internet gives the opportunity for ordinary people to become extraordinary, and enjoy their personal freedom, off from their location-based 9-6 job, where they potentially can earn just as much, by becoming a Professional Instagrammer. Someone who sees a creative opportunity, grabs it with both hands and totally owns it while making a handsome living in process.

Isn’t it enough to begin thinking of switching your job? Then continue reading.

Internet is full of stories about people who learnt to earn considerable salaries while enjoying their lives. These are travel, lifestyle or fashion bloggers, passive income earners and vloggers. You can always find useful information through our articles about Instagram.  

One of the most iconic examples in this case is Take Zoe, a UK beauty blogger, who bought her first home for 1M GBP at the age of 24. She is said to charge brands 20 000 GBP a month to advertise on her YouTube and Instagram channels.

Other than that, instead of thinking of a carefully elaborated posts and vlogs content, you might be interested in photographing and posting the pictures on Instagram, which seems to take less effort, right? All you have to do is to think of the concept, and begin building your own style of the Instagram account you would like to lead.

Instagram have evolved in the visual story tellers, bringing more new tools for promoting and advertising. Instead of spending time and money of advertising campaigns in Google and other platforms, you can build relations and links on Instagram and develop your own brand and vision. There are more than 1 billion people using Instagram, hungry for what you can offer them.

To become an Instagrammer you do not need expensive equipment or an office. All you need is a smartphone with a decent camera, and a good eye for details. People admire and look up to talented people. Be yourself, but do not forget learning some basic tips on how to conduct an Instagram account, as well as being informed about the trends. In this way, people will crave seeing the world with your eyes, and learn what you can tell them.

The content on Instagram has a higher engagement rate than any other platform. There is no selective timeline or distracting banners like on Facebook. Moreover, it is free. Companies have realized that one photo of the Instagram account of someone with over 100 000 followers is reaching more people directly than any traditional ad campaign.

Another amazing thing is that Instagram has a developed sense of community. It is open to everybody and is available in all countries. Brands don’t have to request a friendship in order to like and comment their posts and provide feedback on the products they sell or represent. This also allows companies get closer to their customers and build a more personal and trustful relationship.

One more example is the collaboration between brands and influencers, who can create stories around a brand and vice versa. It becomes easier for both sides to share audience and gain a bigger reach in a natural way. It is clear that a good storytelling often comes with great images, so if you want to your story to be noticed, you better invest some time (and money) to get great shots.

From Nike to the Namibian tourist board, brands and organizations are turning to the most followed users in the pursuit of a broader and younger audience and are willing to pay thousands.

Instagram professionals, who normally started using the app for fun, are now earning six-figure salaries and being flown around the world to take photos to share with their hundreds of thousands of followers.

To enforce the words with facts, here are some examples of Professional Instagrammers in different niches:

The top Food Instagrammer is Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver), with 7.4M followers. He is a British chef and restaurateur. He is known for his approachable cuisine, which has led him to front numerous television shows and open many restaurants.

The top Travel Influencer on Instagram is Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) with 4.1M followers, and a very stylish Instagram travel account, which is worth following. He is known professionally as Murad Osmann, who is a Russian photographer based in Moscow. His series “Follow Me To”, made with his wife Natalia Zakharova,went viral in 2012, and the couple have since been named as top travel influencers.

On the top in the list of Instagram Fashion and Style Instagram influencers is Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni). With her unique style and a very raffinate taste, she gained 17.4M followers on Instagram. She is an Italian fashion blogger, influencer, designer and entrepreneur who has collaborated with fashion and beauty brands through her blog The Blonde Salad. In September 2017, Ferragni was ranked first on the Forbes “Top Fashion Influencers” list.

The top place in Photography influencing on Instagram pertains to Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen), with 5.8M followers. He is an acclaimed Canadian photographer, film-maker and marine biologist.

The best in Lifestyle blogging on Instagram is Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines). She has 11.4M people following her account. She is also known for founding and leading of Magnolia Homes company.

(@hudabeauty) proudly takes the first place in beauty Instagram influencing, with 38.2M followers. She is the founder of the cosmetics line Huda Beauty. Huda achieved popularity on Instagram, attaining more than 38 million followers as of 2019. Huda is ranked #1 on the “2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List”, earning $18,000 for each post of sponsored content. Huda has been described as “a Kim Kardashian West of the beauty influencer economy”,and was declared one of the “ten most powerful influencers in the world of beauty” by Forbes magazine.She was chosen as one of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time magazine in 2017.

The most influencing person in the field of Sport and Fitness is Jen Selter (@jenselter). She is an American Internet celebrity and fitness model. She attracted significant media attention for her debut at a young age, initially on the Instagram. As of in present, Jen Selter has 12.7 million followers on Instagram.

These days social media influencers go hand in hand with celebrities in promoting brands and products, because people can relate to them. You can follow their entire life through the photographs they share. If an Instagrammer has an average of 100 000 followers and they consistently working on their account and posting interesting content, they can realistically be making between $5000 and $10 000 a month. 

So, it will not be a lie to tell that Instagram photography and activity has truly become a career. We at InstaShop support any startups and believe in You!