Instagram Stories Game. 5 Useful Examples for Followers Engagement

Despite the frequent updates of the Instagram algorithms, you need to be aware of the fact that Instagram users react regularly to the most liked, viewed or reposted content. As engagement rate plays an essential part, businesses are in a constant pursuit of attractive and appealing content.

Do you know what is the best method to engage a broader audience into your content? To play with them! We are always searching for efficient and proven ways that will help our customers to grow their account professionally. Check our informative articles from our blog in order to boost your Instagram 

How does gamification work in business 

The world’s largest businesses are using game strategies to grow Instagram account. For example, Starbucks posted a Puzzle riddle on its official website. All players could exchange the gained points into drinks at the Starbucks cafe. 

Also, McDonalds has been collaborating for several years with the “Monopoly” board game. The annual promotion offers you to purchase their production and to find stickers which are placed on the meal’s boxes with their future presents and get it. Also, customers could gain a collection of cards with existent streets and receive a present in exchange for them.

What game formats can be used in Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories represent a direct instrument for businesses that can enhance the connection between the brand and the audience. Due to this phenomenon, games became an efficient tool for content consumption as their format, joyful colors and images excite users and persuade them to be active. This will provide an Instagram likes growth. 

According to a Facebook research, approximately 60% of businesses use different methods in order to make their stories interactive. Also, minimum 500 million users are watching stories daily. 

“Tap” Instagram Stories 

Such Insta Story game scheme is attractive, as it seems to be a real game for the user. He or she doesn't have anything to do, but tap on the screen.  

1. Start with the game idea 

2. Create a script 

3. Design visually attractive stories and…

4. ...POST IT

“Memory card” Instagram story

This game is perfect for any business that has a broad variety of products.
Create a visual where a pair of items is hidden under cards, and ask your viewers to guess where the second element of the pair is. The users can give the answer with the help of stickers "Test" or "Questions".

“Creative” Instagram story 

Do you want to increase both engagement and reach? You have to try a creative kind of game that will catch the viewers instantly. Your followers’ desire to play and to share it will be guaranteed and you willboost Instagram account

Create a template and invite your followers to share the results on their account. They will be able to decorate and solve your riddle with stickers, emoji and gifs. Don’t forget to share the most interesting and creative ones on your Stories.

Game based on a survey or a test

Write a question and place a Poll sticker based on it that contains the answer options. You can make a cycle of several questions, and reveal all the cards at the end of the day or you can immediately give the correct answers to the questions.

“Promo Code” game

Give a promo code/ voucher to the first 10 users who answered correctly to your question. This will keep both engagement and reach rate on a high level. 

Tips for playing Stories

The average reach on Instagram Stories is approximately 4.4% . Here are some important tips that will help you create interactive games on stories and use them effectively for your account:

  • Don't be afraid to post too many stories. When someone starts watching your stories and becomes absorbed in your content, he or she wants to watch them to the end. 
  • User engagement is influenced by the first Storie’s seconds. It is important to grab the attention of the viewer in the first 5 seconds. Then they lose interest if they don't see anything interesting.
  • Post stories at a time when your audience is most active. While there is no perfect time to post on Instagram, you can research your followers' behaviour using statistics and figure out when they are most likely to watch your Stories.

Instagram Stories Games represent an interesting and engaging alternative to the boring adds. This is why we suggest you to try Instagram games on InstaStories and to evaluate if there is any change in your Engagement Rates. This format of publications on Instagram is actively developing, and as a result, new opportunities of interaction with the audience constantly appear. We at InstaShop will make sure your content is liked, viewed and commented by a bigger amount of users.