Instagram presence: 8 tips to build a catchy Instagram account content and become visible.

Nowadays, to build an attractive Instagram account is a really hard work , that needs time, imagination and creativity. There are a lot of reasons why to create an account on Instagram. The most popular is to develop a small business that will help you to promote your products. Initially, that looks very simple to set up a profile and then 2 dilemma appears: “How to build a presence on Instagram?” and “What should I post?”

In this post we will give you some ideas what to post on Instagram and examples that you can adept for your business. There are plenty of different ways to approach Instagram to keep your feed fresh and your followers engaged, so, let’s start.

1. Product posts 

The simplest way to promote your product is to post photos and videos with it. Instagram is the most accessible platform that will help you advertise your products in the best way.

Important: don’t let your posts looks spammy, they should be as a part of lifestyle and have interesting information about the product, not only its name. You should present benefits of it and why customer should choose namely this one. Also, you can associate your product with a mood or feeling which will lead customers to your product.

2. Tag your product

Product tags are unique formats for posts and stories that enable customer to buy directly your product through Instagram. Users can click on this tags to read more information about the product and then to make a purchase. It is more easier to buy for users and more convenient for seller to run a deal and to offer a discount. 

3. Go live 

Live videos are another type of post that can help you build a relationship with your customers, because users can interact with you in real time and ask questions that they want to know about , or you can feature new products.

Here are some tips to have best results with live video : 

– you have to announce in advance about your live;

– think about subjects you want to talk in your live and make a plan before you go on;

– before you start live , wait a little bit until your audience will get in;

! You should choose a space where is a good light, no background noises and good Internet connection. 

4. Run an Instagram contest / giveaway

The best way to get a lot of engagement quickly and generate excitement around you brand is contest & giveaways.

Contests will get people talk about you and your production. Also, it can help you to receive a strong social proof. For best results, you can offer prizes, that you think is the most relevant for your audience. The most important is to get engagement and entries from users that in the future could become customers. 

Also, you can make a partnership with another similar business, then you will attract more followers of your partner and will have much more money for great prizes. 

Consider working with an influencer in your space to help give your giveaway some extra “oomph” when it needs it. When we gave away a t-shirt business, we teamed up with some of our favorite influencers and it helped take the giveaway to the next level!

!Useful advice: To earn more followers, one of the conditions of your giveaway should be to tag 3 friends in comments. In this way friends of your followers will find out your profile and there is a majority of 70% that they will follow you after that. 

5. Create seasonal posts

Usually our followers are simply people, that have a job everyday and are tired of all this routine and all of them love to get in a holiday spirit and it doesn’t matter what is the holiday purpose. So, you should take advantage of this and make a lot of seasonal posts, for example about your summer vacation, winter weather or a city break . Also, in this post you should ask about their plans for holiday to get more engagement

There’s one thing to always be mindful of with seasonal posts: the hashtags. One of the biggest advantages of seasonal posts is that the hashtags are directly relevant right now, meaning more users are more likely to seek them out. Fill your post’s description with plenty of timely, holiday, and seasonal hashtags for best results.

Not sure how to implement this? National Ice Cream Day posts could benefit from hashtags like #nationalicecreamday, #iscreamyouscreamweallscreamforicecream, and #sweetstobeattheheat.

Thanksgiving posts could incorporate #thanksgiving, #turkeyday, #fall #autumnweather #harvestseason, #holidayseason, #almostblackfriday, and more.

6. Comment with emoji under the last post

Another practice to attract followers and to have more engagement is to advise your followers to comment under last post with an emoji and you will choose randomly someone and will promote it on your stories. This will make them excited to appear in your stories and will give you the advantage to have a lot of comments on your photos. 

7. Partner with influencers for content 

If you want to help your brand garner some extra credibility and attention quickly, influencer marketing is a good way to go.

A lot of companies launched use this practice to make their product more attractive , because a lot of people trust the tastes of popular persons. A recommendation from him will assure you popularity and sales on market. 

Big name influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers aren’t necessary. In fact, it will actually be better in most cases for Shopify merchants to reach out to smaller micro influencer. 

These influencers may only have tens of thousands of followers, but they’ll be trusted by their audience. They’re also likely to be more open to working with small businesses, and more affordable if they agree.
You also can always use likes or followers services which will help you to boost your Instagram.

8. Ask questions and provide answers 

If you’re looking for another way to offer value to your followers, you can’t go wrong with a Q&A. Answering customer questions on Instagram will encourage more people to follow you (especially if there’s a chance for you to answer their own questions).

You can have Q&As written out in a text-based image, having one question and answer to a post. Remember that the character limit for captions is 2,200 characters, so you can actually squeeze quite a bit of writing into your post, if you want to.

Instagram even released a Question Stickers that you can use to solicit answers from your audience and share your response as a photo or video.

Video can be an especially efficient way to answer questions. You can share it after it’s recorded or film it live. Choosing Instagram Live can even let followers ask you questions in real-time, which can drive up responses significantly.

InstaShop team is always happy to provide you the most up to date information regarding the Insta trends, in order to help you build your brand, with a highly developed content and catchy Instagram account.