Instagram monetization: 3 simple methods

Nowadays the internet opens you the possibilities to make money from almost anything. For example, starting with personal accounts in social networks, like Instagram. This may seem wild and unusual to an “old school” person, but bloggers are often earning tens times more than highly qualified workers. At the same time, they do not even need to strain too much. Such success is earned just by the fact that once an Instagram user has promoted his or her Insta account on the Internet – and now they are getting profit by Instagram monetization.

You probably won’t be very surprised if we say that you can get Instagram monetization by yourself, too. Today, the secrets of an efficient Instagram account promotion is no longer a secret for anyone that is using Instagram on a daily basis. There is no sacred knowledge that has to be gained – everything is described on our blog. Take it and do it, and then monetize it.

Today we will talk about Instagram monetization. You need to know that it is not as easy as it seems at the first glance. People start buying ads from an Instagram influencer only when they have more than 5,000 subscribers on their account. This amount seems to be easy to gain, but the competition is very high on Instagram.

Those who have tried to boost Instagram page may prove that the first few thousand Instagram followers are the hardest to achieve. After all, in order to raise interest beyond Instagram followers, you need not only to order several tags or reposts of your posts, but also to produce useful and attractive content. It all depends on your imagination and hard work, which will pay off soon.

Instagram monetization methods

You don’t have to invent something new. There are several proven options that will help you to make money on your Instagram page. If you have already set yourself such a goal, choose one from the following ways that you like the most and which is rentable for you. For you, we’ll just list them.

1. Become a blogger and sell ads on Instagram

People who review cosmetics, create funny and short videos, or post pictures of their fluffy friends can make exorbitant sums from advertising. Their accounts are popular among almost every Instagram user. Thanks to this they constantly receive offers from all sorts of entrepreneurs – from smaller bloggers to large companies whose names have long been heard by everyone. Owners of accounts with thousands of followers on Instagram are so often contacted by marketing representatives that they can safely reject goods and services that they do not like in favour of their personal preferences.

You can sell ads in person or through the exchange.
This strategy has both pros and cons. Blogging allows a person to open up, express themselves, talk about what is interesting to him, and also make money. This is an undoubted advantage. The main drawback is that the future popularity of a new blogger is always under a question mark. There is a lot of competition on Instagram. From this reason we would recommend Real Instagram services that will grow your real Instagram followers fast.

2. Create a thematic Instagram account

If for some reason you do not want to shine your face, but the idea of ​​blogging appeals to you, you can think over the concept of an account that touches any topic that is liked by you. It may be a page about animals, a memes account, a profile with short thoughts in pictures – there are thousands of opportunities.

The good news is that accounts like these are relatively easy to grow up. You can just follow people who are your potential audience. Some of them will be interested and subscribe to you in response. Anyway, there is also a weak point. Entertainment communities are not exactly the Instagram format. You need to think over posts that will look good in the feed. If you pick up the pictures and videos well, it might catch Instagram users.

3. Create your Instagram business account or offer a service.

Individual entrepreneurs and other people that would like to create and sell what they are doing are encouraged to start their first steps with Instagram. Instagram is very convenient for product portfolio creation and showing it immediately to potential customers. It doesn’t matter what you do – you may offer manicure, make up or hair styling services or sell paintings, handmade goods etc,. The main thing is that the product is immediately visible.

The advantage of this venture is that you will have the opportunity to create your own Instagram business, promote it yourself, and then swim in orders. The downside is the painstaking work that you have to do before you promote your page to a high level. There are never too many valuable specialists, but making sure that the whole Network knows about your skills is a matter of great effort.

How much can you earn from Instagram monetization?

I would like to say that earnings will depend entirely on you, but this will not be entirely true. Just as important is the activity of your Instagram followers, the right time for your content, and even some bits of luck. If you want to get money from Instagram, you will have to master its laws anyway and find an approach to your Instagram followers. If you try to do everything right, the result will be. We cannot promise you space earnings, like those of TOP bloggers, but getting several tens of hundreds a month is quite realistic for any person.

This is how Instagram works. If you are starting from scratch and you have Napoleonic plans for this, go for it. If you already have a more or less promoted account, try to Instagram monetize it. Another source of income in any case will not be superfluous. We, in turn, hope that thanks to our article you have decided where to go next.