Instagram Bio 5 Tips & Tricks. Create The Perfect Instagram Bio

The creation of an Instagram bio is an essential element for your account. It is the first thing someone sees and reads before they scroll down to your feed. This is why it actually requires some observation, even though the writing of a catchy IG bio may be seen effortless at the first glance.  

All you need to know is that the perfect Instagram bio is all about 3 things: 

 It stands out.   

 It tells a story   

 It delivers value.   

 If you combine all these 3 things, your Instagram bio will illustrate your brand’s personality, will promote, will persuade people and will convert visitors into new followers.  

In this article, we will share the key aspects of an impressive bio that will literally attract your future followers.   

  1. Profile Picture  

The main goal of a profile picture is to stand out and attract more traffic to us.   

Therefore, you should make it pop. For example, you can use a catchy range of colours, a personalised picture or simply add a colourful circle around your photo.

Another essential aspect of a profile picture, is to make it relevant to your niche. 

For example, if you have a personal account, it needs to be a picture of your face 

And vice versa: if it is a professional account, the picture should be related to your field. For example, the logo of your brand or a relevant symbol  

  2. Name field from Instagram bio 

Your IG name represents the perfect line for telling your audience what exactly you are doing. This is why it need to be optimised with key words. Consequently, when someone types worlds that are included in your name on IG search, you will come up.

For example, write your main field of activity

  3. Tell a story with a keyword  

As you are allowed to use only 150 characteristics for your bio, you should provide the maximum information in minimum words. This is why our main task is to make a concise story from keywords. Therefore, make sure you specific your niche and specify your main occupation. For Example: “Entrepreneur who works with Social Media Boost” or “I will teach you how to Boost your Social Media”    

Also, tell some important details about you. Any achievement or important information that gives you extra value is welcome. As “Top 100 entrepreneur under 40 by Interesting Magazine” “40K+ views on YouTube” 

 4. Make your link count

Provide links to your bio in order to show up the audience what exactly you are doing. As Instagram allows you to insert just one website, we would share a helpful tool to set up your links to different social media and share them here so that people can directly see it.

It is a very useful platform that allows you to share valuable content. The most fun thing is the customising. They offer a big variety of tools for it.

5. Pin IG Stories

Pined stories really help in telling something more about you in an interactive way and make you stand out and distinguish yourself among other’s Instagram profiles. Also, this is the right place to include things that you want to mention in your IG bio, but could not because of the characters restriction.

Voila! Now we have an authentic and interesting Instagram bio. You can find other useful articles here