Instagram Account Security: 5 Basic Measures of Digital Security on Instagram that you Better Pay Attention to.

As Instagram is one of the mostly surfed social platforms, it is very important to know the key elements to ensure the security of your Instagram account. Nowadays, social media platforms are a part of our life that have a big importance. For some people , thinking that one day his account could be hacked is a night mare. Other people even don’t think about this, believing that his account is not interesting for someone and only celebrities accounts could be hacked.

Usually, accounts are hacked for some reasons, one of them is economic reason. Sometimes accounts are hacked with the goal to receive some payment in exchange for returning the account. In other cases, accounts are hacked to sell personal data like email, mobile phone number and other personal information for economic benefit. 

In other cases the account is hacked by fans of celebrities to get attention from them. But what would happen if instead of using the account to spread false information or upload any type of video, it will be used to spread malware? No doubt the consequences would be very serious. We have an intense digital life and we too often forget the importance of the digital security, something that every one of us should worry about without excuse, even if 100% security doesn’t exist.

It is clear that any user should work with the issue of cyber security and if the person is famous, the social responsibility to do so increases. Users must have time to adopt different security measures that can help us not to have to face improper access to our accounts. Let’s review the most important ones:

1. The first rule is to use a strong password. It should be with more characters, without using some personal data, like date of birth, phone number, the name of mother or any other information that everyone could know. The password should be more neutral and different for each of your account. While Instagram recommends using a “combination of at least six numbers, letters, and punctuation marks,” most security experts suggest a minimum password length of 8 characters.

You should also consider updating your Instagram password regularly — at least once or twice a year according to most experts. You may even want to use a password manager to keep track of and manage your passwords.

2. Another important measure is to set on all your accounts verification in 2 steps, all social networks allow it. You must go on Security/Privacy of your Instagram account and activate there the two steps verification to match your mobile phone with your account. In this way, when you try to access, in addition to knowing the user and password, you will need to enter the one-time code that will be sent to your phone. It will be more difficult for intruders who can find out your passwords, to also have access to your mobile device in real time. You can find it in Settings of your account, accessing Privacy and Security and then 2 Factors authentication.

3. All of us use to give access to games and different applications, but in many cases, the access door for account intrusions occurs is through these applications, taking advantage of a security breach.

4.Pay attention to all the links before clicking. In many cases, cyber criminals take advantage of the shortened links or change some characters of the link for another that visually seems the same but leads to an illegitimate site. Clicking there may be the entry of a virus, Trojan or spyware into your devices and provides them with the gateway to your accounts.

5. Make sure that your email account is secure , because your email is like a gate to your account. If someone can access your email, they nearly have access to all applications used via email. Most email providers have systems in place to block unwanted login attempts and offer security measures like email encryption and two-factor authentication. If you truly want to keep your Instagram account safe, you need to make sure your email account is equally as safe.

In case your Instagram account was already hacked, here are some tips that will help you:

First, you have to keep calm and try to access your account and change your password through a social network or link associated with it. In case that it is impossible, try to contact directly through the help center and communicate what happened with your account.

Sometimes none of these steps will work because the person who accesses will quickly apply in the hacked account all those security steps that we have recommended (change the email associated with the account, change the password and put a strong one, associate a phone with the account …). That could have helped you avoid living such an unpleasant situation in which your privacy is violated, and identity usurped.

So before you have to say goodbye to a profile in a social network and resign yourself to a situation like that, what if we start worrying about our digital security first? Remember: security starts with oneself. Check our blog in order to find out more useful information.

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