How to? Instagram Influencer marketing and Instagram promotion strategy

Social media users are already used to the fact that bloggers, experts and other influencers are one of the promotion channels for multiple businesses and brands. Although the reasons for such collaborations are obvious to everyone, the Instagram influencers' audience favorably appreciate such posts. What's more, Instagram users trust Instagram influencer advertising more than traditional ads.

In this article, we'll explain what influencer marketing is, what its benefits and tools are. Follow our blog in order to find out more Instagram tips and strategies which will grow your Instagram account and will bring it to success.

What is Instagram influencer marketing and who are influencers

Instagram influencer marketing means the promotion of a certain good or service through Instagram influencers. When talking about influencer marketing, we usually mean advertising through Instgarammers content and recommendations on Instagram.

In fact, influencers are not just bloggers. For example, Forbes magazine identifies six types of influencers: celebrities, journalists, industry experts, outstanding personal brands, analysts, intermediaries.

Other studies offer their own classification: celebrities, industry experts and opinion leaders, bloggers and content creators, micro-influencers.

The categorisation of influencers by the number of subscribers is more established:

  • microinfluencers - from 5 to 100 thousand subscribers;
  • mid (average) - from 100 thousand to a million;
  • macroinfluencers - over a million subscribers.

The benefits of influencer marketing

The popularity of influencer marketing is growing worldwide. The Google Trends tool shows how the number of requests has increased over the past 5 years:

It is already well known that an account with a trustful social image will always attract a bigger audience. InstaShop offer great packages that will boost your Instagram account.

Communication with a loyal audience

Every Instagram Influencer has his or her own audience. These are loyal subscribers - they trust him or her and believe that he or she will not advise a bad product or service. Plus, this audience is engaging as influencers are constantly engaging subscribers in a conversation.

The ability to work with a narrow audience

You can choose suitable Instagram influencers based on their audience for promotion. For example, to promote goods for gamers through gamers Instagrammers, and fashionable clothes on models accounts. Within the platform, you will always find influencers with the target audience you need. For example, to promote a youth line of cosmetics through owners of an audience of 16+, and a line for mature skin - to an audience of 35+.

Sales growth

If advertising through celebrities and public people is efficient to brand promotion, then advertising through small influencers brings real leads and sales. This is possible due to the fact that subscribers often rely on their opinion when choosing products and services.

How to implement influencer marketing

The work of promoting through influencers consists of a set of steps. Here are the main ones.

1. Formulate the goal of promotion

What is your main goal: to increase brand awareness, increase sales, and attract subscribers to the company's social network? The choice of the channel, the type of content and the content of the advertising message will depend on the answer to this question.

2. Describe your audience

Make a portrait of your future customer: age, gender, income, where he works and how he rests. This will help you when choosing influencers, as you will have a clear understanding of the audience you are looking for.

3. List the right influencers

Search for keywords related to your business and hashtags. Hashtags help you find bloggers on Instagram. The combination "keyword + Youtube" works when searching for video bloggers.

4. Examine influencer profiles and choose the right ones

Select from the initial list of influencers to whom you would like to submit a proposal:

  • Analyze the content - how it fits with your brand image.
  • Check for publications that could negatively affect your reputation.
  • Examine audience engagement: how actively they comment on posts, whether comments look artificial.

 5. Send applications and agree on cooperation

To work with influencers, you need to prepare. First, write a letter with a clear proposal. Secondly, to collect materials that will help you get acquainted with the product: description, marketing kit, video.

It is convenient to record all actions in a table: to whom and when the offer was sent, what are the requirements of the influencer, his prices, published publications and the result.
It is already well known that an account with a trustful social image will always attract a bigger audience. InstaShop offer great packages that will boost your Instagram account.