How to get Instagram Followers onto your blog

In the previous post I wrote about how to get you Instagram followers onto your mailing list. Today let’s talk about how to get Instagram users onto your blog.

If you haven’t already done this, the first thing you need to do, is to announce your Instagram followers that you have a blog. Think of what would be the best approach and start creating. You can do a video post talking about your blog. You can say in your video about recent posts, topics which you blog about and why do you think readers should jump on your website. 

Make sure to include the link to your blog somewhere. If you have over 10 000 Instagram Followers, you can include your link into stories. In case you have smaller audience and don’t have this feature activated on your account yet, alternatively, you can include the link into your bio.

The best thing about Instagram is the size of its user base. Currently there are over 1 billion of Instagram profiles and half of them are very active users, which means that at least 500 million people are checking their feeds on daily basis. Additionally, you have access to global reach, since Instagram is used all over the world, and is not limited only to English speaking people. No matter where you are located and which language you speak, you can build a solid following base on Instagram.

So let’s talk about free and paid methods on how you can transform Instagram Followers in your blog readers.

Promote your blog on your profile

Your Instagram profile is the entry point to your blog. You need to have an inviting profile in order to convince people to follow you and to jump on your website. To make it happen, you need to establish yourself as an expert or as someone who has enough experience to provide value. How do you do that? Obviously, you need to tell people about your blog and you can do this by compiling a great copy in your bio. Don’t overcomplicate yourself. Write something like «Travel blogger – I write about the dark side of popular touristic places.» Sounds intriguing isn’t it?

You have a new blog post. Share it!

Released a new post? Promote it! No one will know about your new blog post if you won’t say it. How do you expect to get new readers if you’re not promoting your own articles?

Create a post and share it on your timeline. Quote a small part of your blog or take a screenshot of your article. In your caption, mention that it’s taken from your new post. Include a brief description on what this post is about and finally, finish with a call to action. You want them to read, so say something similar to «Sounds interesting? click on the link in *bio / stories to read the full article» 

Now that you posted it on your timeline, you can do something similar in your stories. You can copy/paste, however, a better way to do it, is to record a brief video where you say the same information, but this time people see you talking. Show that you are excited about your new post, and find a way to get them engage too. Also, do not forget to boost it with extra Instagram likes. 

Share the behind the scenes of anything related to your blog

Before releasing the new blog post, it’s always a good idea to share information behind the scene. It creates hype and intrigue. There are numerous ways to do this, and don’t hesitate to let your creativity spark new ideas.

You can post a picture that you’ve taken during your trip featuring an incident. Alternatively, you can give a sneak peek of your blog post, or write the beginning of the story followed by intriguing phrase. You know those TV shows which always end on the most interesting parts, forcing you to watch the next series. Sneak peaks are powerful since it gives people no choice but to read your article once it’s released. Also, if they’ll find it interesting, they will share your post and invite others to check it out.

A good way to show the behind the scenes content creation, is to post your source of inspiration. Let’s say, as a travel blogger it happened to be looking at something emotional, and that case inspired you the topic for your next blog post. Post the picture or the video which you’ve taken during that time, and write something like «This <moment> made me realize that even in paradise everything is far from being perfect». People will love it.

Run Paid Ads to get more Instagram Followers

Paid Ads is one the best methods to reach out to new people. If done properly, you can reach thousands of people and gain new readers. As any entrepreneur working in digital marketing industry, you need to invest into paid Ads to be successful. You can run your Ads directly promoting your blog, or you can use different lead magnets. You need people to stop by your Ads, so make sure to come up with something creative.

With paid Ads you can promote a picture, a video, a carousel or even a story. It may take several attempts before you’ll figure out what’s your perfect formula in terms of targeting, and understand how to do it right, but in the end it will pay off.


Getting your Instagram followers and other users to jump on your blog is not always easy. However, if you are dedicating a big part of your life on Instagram, most probably you are already making a living from it, or at least you are about to transform your hobby into a steady source of revenue. If your hobby pays your bills, then you need to treat it seriously. Nothing in this world comes for free, so you need to put effort in what you do. Do what you enjoy doing the most and success will come by itself.