How to create an Instagram pet account and monetize Instagram

Are you aware of the fact that your beloved pet can bring you something more than joy? Nowadays Instagram pet accounts are popular and you can easily monetize it or simply help your pet to become an Instagram star. In order to nail it, you just have to create and promote its profile on Instagram. For example, the most popular animal on the social network - Spitz Jiffpom - is estimated to cost 45 thousand dollars for an advertising post. The main content of the dog represents short videos with emoji descriptions.

Do you want to turn your pet into a real Instagram celebrity? In this article you will learn how to create a successful Instagram animal page. We will also take into consideration all the tips for promoting and monetizing such an account, as you always can boost Instagram account with us.

Analyse your Instagram pet account niche

Animal blogs are not new to Instagram. There are plenty of accounts with dogs, cats, parrots, hedgehogs, foxes and even hippos.

We recommend you to analyse your competitors and find out which topics are the most common, and which niche would fit you perfectly. Also, pay attention to the content and format that is used in their pet’s Instagram account. The received information will help you understand in which direction you should move.

Each animal is unique in its own way. Take a closer look at your four-legged friend and try to identify its distinct trait. Unlike humans, animals do not know how to pretend, so you have to adapt to their habits and character.

There is a checklist that might help you to identify the niche:

Cuteness. Appearance usually represents your fluffy friend's main advantage. If you manage to convey charm through photos and videos, then its Instagram popularity is guaranteed.

Make it unique. It may be a natural anomaly or an external feature: a strange color, an unhappy expression on the face, squint. Pet behaviour can also be unusual. For example: a dog that barks strangely, a cat that is not afraid of water or likes atypical food.

Touching story. In social networks, taking care of abandoned or wounded animals represent a great example of care to your Instagram auditory. Try to show your public more about the pet’s background story. Healthcare practices also might be helpful to your Instagram followers that might be touched by your case and will be motivated to adopt a being that needs love and help.

Coaching. Try to teach your pet different tricks. Do not forget to explain to your Instagram followers how important taking care and giving love to your pet is.

Wild animals. Any animal can be an Instagram star: python, a fox or a squirrel. In this case, your Instagram followers will appreciate not only visual content, but also will be interested in posts about everyday life and the difficulties of its content.

Add some creativity. You can employ your pet in the position of your new coworker. Record how well you and your animal are dealing with home duties or how it inspires you while you are performing your hobbies.    

Travel. A great option for travel lovers is to discover the word together with your lovely pet and take it on the trips. You will be able to create great content, by taking pictures with it at the most exciting places of interest. Post cheerful photos from different cities and countries, add many locations to the feed, and don't forget to share travel tips.

Fluffy influencer. Another idea is to let your pet write reviews on cosmetics or test life hacks. Don't forget about dressing it up. This way will perfectly integrate advertisements in the account. 

Choose a style

The audience is primarily attracted to visuals. Having decided on the idea of ​​a pet Instagram account you have to select the best design that will fit your content. Try to stay consistent with filters, frame composition, and accent colors. 

Tips for taking quality photos:

  • Please be patient. A gorgeous shot may not come out from the first attempt. Try to catch your moments or take an online photography tutorial. While you are gaining knowledge and experience, order shooting from an animal photographer - this way you will receive not only new content for Instagram, but also a good example of a professional working with an animal.

  • Stock your Instagram content. Please note that you will have to post at least one post and several stories a day. This means that you should prepare photos and short videos in advance to avoid downtime. You should always have content ready one to two weeks in advance. InstaShop will help you to attract your first viewers by grow Instagram account.

Pet Instagram monetization

Your pet's Instagram account fits in the category of influencers with a specific audience type. Ways to make money are similar.

Advertising publications

After gaining a large Instagram followers base, advertisers will begin to pay attention to your account. Be selective: Promote only quality products that you and your pet love. It can be premium pet food, expensive textiles or gadgets - it all depends on the characteristics of the blog. Your task is to fit the ad into the feed as organically as possible. 


This category includes various items with a "quote" or a portrait of your pet. Usually these are mugs, stickers or T-shirts.

When developing a merch idea, build on the characteristics of the pet. If he is a glutton, sell branded large bowls for food, if dormouse - pyjamas and sleep masks. Fans of your four-legged star will surely want these products. And you can sell them directly through Instagram, check our article about IG shopping tags.

Instagram is a space where you can promote any account type. Just make sure you are creating unique and interesting content in order to attract more Instagram followers