How To Boost Instagram Account in 2020

Instagram evolved into something more than just a social platform meant for sharing news and pictures of food. The audience became interested in high-quality content, and the competition raised significantly among the Instagram users.

In order to ease your Instagram strategy, we pointed out how to deliver an unique concept, take photos, write posts and maintain your Instagram account so as not to sink to the bottom of the algorithmic feed, but to attract a bigger community.

Choose a specific topic for your Instagram account

Start with an idea.

Even though it’s difficult to decide, and “taking pictures of everything that surrounds me” seems to be the best solution,you have to focus on a specific topic in order to grow your Instagram account. Instagram already has everything. Culinary blogs, profiles about nutrition, dancing, clothes, make-up, etc. But you have to do it in your own way.

When choosing a blog topic, you should carefully consider what type of content would be interesting for your audience. It can wrap up various ranges of themes. In order to ease your decision, we would like to present you that the most relevant topics on IG are:

Fashion. When creating an account dedicated to fashion, style and beauty, you will have to share up to date photos in order to raise interest among your Insta followers.

Food. For such topic, photographs with bright dishes and appealing decorations would be in need

Travel. Information about travel experience in different countries or create photo reports about extreme adventures, publish notes about living in another region, and so on attracts a large number of subscribers Instagram followers.

Pets. Interesting stories and funny videos have to be published, as they beautify the feed. Moreover, they have the most increased number of Instagram likes

Fitness. We would recommend you to combine it healthy nutrition, as such accounts are in high demand at this moment

In reality, there is a huge number of topics that attract a big audience. Their list can be expanded and this is why it is advisable to choose several directions that will be similar to each other and can attract a broader audience to your account.

Aesthetically pleasant photos in order to gain more Instagram likes

In 2016, Smart feed appeared on Instagram. Consequently, it becomes more difficult for business account’s posts to come out of the screens of customers’ smartphones. Therefore, it is decisive to guarantee that the eye of the Instagram user stops on your photo when you get in his feed. All you need in order to reach more audience is a smartphone with a good camera and a sparkle of creativity.

A recent study showed that users spend 0.2 seconds on a single post on their feed. Therefore, your posts should be visually cool and catchy at first sight.

There is an unspoken rule: profile photos have to be aesthetically linked with each other. Open a successful Instagram page: you will surely notice that the adjacent pictures were taken in the same tone or echo each other in vivid details.

We prepared some tips in order to facilitate your Instagram use:

  • Take photos in reserve. They will save you on a day when there are no shooting opportunities, as it is important to post at least once in 2-3 days.
  • Use your imagination and create scenes, interesting combinations of colours and objects.
  • Play with composition, lighting, and practice more and more. Over time, the photos will get better and better.
  • Regularly examine famous profiles with a large number of followers for more inspiration.
  • Don’t overload the picture. Let it carry one main idea.
  • Don’t post things that doesn’t fit your Instagram idea

Appropriately written Instagram posts

You have to take into consideration these aspects before composing a post’s test:

  • Good content is the base of an efficient Instagram promotion. Moreover, a correct description will increase its popularity.
  • A call to action in the description is a good way to persuade your Instagram followers to engage more with your account.
  • Insert hashtags into your text. If the tag doesn’t fit organically into the sentence, add them to the end.
  • Use emoji – they will help subscribers better understand what feelings and emotions you are delivering in your post.
  • If you can’t write a long post, use a short description. It is a double win strategy.
  • Choose the post that has to receive 300 Instagram likes

What to write about on Instagram?

At this very moment, marketers distinguish four types of content for social networks:

  1. Selling;
  2. Informational;
  3. Entertaining;
  4. Combined.

Posts that are focused on sales are composed according to the following scheme:
Promotion + Limited Timeframe + Call to Action = Sale

Informational content is content that helps to form an expert’s reputation and reveal new aspects of your product.
Entertaining content or content that keeps your audience from getting bored. Entertainment content fosters audience engagement.
We call combined content a symbiosis of several types of texts at once.

However, this formula can be considered the most working formula for your Instagram:
Recognisable style + Interesting content + Distinctive visual presentation = Instagram Success

How not to sink to the bottom of the algorithmic feed, but to attract a bigger community.

In order to maintain the top positions in the feed, a big engagement rate is required.
Followers number is meant to attract more customers by creating a reliable and trustworthy social image.
Likes, views and comments are the main factors in founding a high Instagram engagement rate, through which your posts will reach more visibility

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