How can Instagram AR filters grow your Instagram Account

Instagram AR masks represent an innovative and efficient marketing tool on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, at this moment.

Instagram AR filters represent a tool that uses Augmented Reality technology. It is an improved version of the real world that is reached through the help of digital elements like: sounds, visuals or other sensory stimuli delivered via technology. Virtual objects from the screens seem a part of the real world of the users, and therefore consumers can partly interact with them. In order to help you grow your Instagram, we will answer some simple question which will show how Instagram AR works.

Why are businesses interested in Instagram AR masks?

Interesting and eye-catching masks get impressive reach, as they are shared and used by a big % percentage of Instagram users. Consequently, the brand which is mentioned within Instagram stories repeatedly will attract a bigger audience, which is going to turn into future customers. This is how UGC works (user generated content), through which content is shared by users, not businesses, which will grow your Instagram really efficiently. 

How can Instagram AR boost the account visibility?

Instagram AR masks can influence the reach and grow your Instagram account both directly and indirectly. If the user noticed an appealing filter, then he or she will probably remember it, as well as the account that made it. Consequently, will check your Instagram and will probably follow or remember what type of products you are selling, which is very valuable for every business. This is how the media effect works.

Masks can directly increase sales. For example, users may try some of your products such as cosmetics or accessories with masks. It will increase your sales, as it’s easier to buy a product if you already know how it looks on you. The mask effectiveness can be figured out by indirect indicators, such as increase of traffic to the site, which will boost your Instagram.

May Instagram AR increase the account or brand’s recognition?

Brand popularity is related to its activity. Now almost all major brands have their own Instagram account and engage their audience into it through different tools. Instagram AR is the most efficient one, this is why everyone is trying to make a filter that goes viral.

High user involvement in processes, which gives the brand a high viral effect. In simple terms, if people are interested in content, they actively share it in their accounts. This allows the business to spread information about itself faster than usual. Users start to use it actively and interest their followers that start looking for the filter creator. Consequently, reach is growing because everyone shares and posts it and this is how you grow your Instagram account. 

How are Instagram AR masks used in order to grow your Instagram?

Actually, it all depends on the purpose of creating the mask. It can be specific or branded. In the first case, it is more relatable to a warmed-up audience that initially followed the company on Instagram. Then the new filter is a kind of gift for the customers.

In the second case, companies usually involve their ambassadors and partners in distributing the filter. It carries a certain brand attribute and colour, so that everyone immediately understands the authorship of the mask.

How do you know that AR masks grow your Instagram?

Analysing mask performance is easier than many other tools. As we said, you can just look at exactly how users are sharing a product in a hundred. In addition, there are several numerical indicators that allow you to measure performance in numbers.

  • Impressions. How many times have users seen your mask
  • Pictures. How many times have people taken a photo or video with your mask on Instagram. These statistics do not include impressions on live broadcasts.
  • Reposts. How many times users have shared the effect in their Stories.

What brands are using Instagram AR?

To inspire you to create your own masks, we have prepared for you some examples of how famous brands are using Instagram AR

Dior offers you to try on different looks

Starbucks figures out what kind of coffee drink you are. By the way, it was the first coffee company at the end of 2019 that used the tracking function item. The method allowed you to scan a festive glass of drink and get a mask. Thus, augmented reality is not only layered on the existing one, but also analyses objects.

You can gat a ride with Mercedes-Benz or check a 3D car

With NASA, rocket launch will be reflected in your eyes.

Experiment. As you can see, Instagram AR is very efficient in your account promotion. For business, masks are another advertising tool and an opportunity to grow your audience. In addition to the purchase of real Instagram followers, likes, comments and views from InstaShop your account will grow on your eyes.