Fun Instagram Story ideas to boost your engagement

Day by day, Instagram turns into a fun and interesting place where everyone is sharing each moment, even bad one. Besides those photos and videos that are daily posted, you can create a cool community with your Instagram Followers where people can feel free and welcomed. 

During these bad days and all quarantine periods it is very important to have a strong relationship with your Instagram followers especially if you have an online business. To keep this relation closer and trustable with your insta-world, you must interact with them daily. 

Instagram Stories became the important tool that keeps you active - a good way to interact with people as they spend a lot of time browsing through them. 

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your audience on your stories. You do not know what to do and how? Instagram story games and challenges !

These are perfect for boosting your stories engagement rate , getting to know your Instagram followers a little better and striking up direct conversations with your audience. Plus, Instagram story games and challenges tend to get tons of reshares, which works wonders for your reach and visibility! You will get a lot of Instagram views, and not only. 

Instagram Story Games ideas:

#1 This or That

Increase your audience with this fun interactive Instagram game. Choose a topic you want and encourage your Instagram followers to reshare it to their stories with their choices. These can be circled or underlined. Also, you can directly tag someone challenging to join this fun game. 

#2 Bingo

Bingo is not a game that your grandparents play. You can make your own-branded bingo game by picking a topic, then filling in the squares (or circles) with things that are relevant to that topic, or that describe it. For example, create a Travel bingo with words like cities, places etc. Then, your Instagram followers have to mark off as many that are relevant to them, then share it to their stories. Who has more marks - wins. You can make it as cute, funny or playful as you like. 

#3 Gif Challenge

This type of Story Game is such fun to increase your engagement rate on Instagram. Besides that, you get more chances to become popular. You might ask yourself why? Well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love gifs ? It is such an easy way to express your feelings , even your personality. Here comes the main goal of “Gif Challenge” , to express yourself through gifs. 

Choose a topic, for example "Get to know me", and then make a list with space where your Instagram followers could leave the gif that represents it. 

Share those posts that are much more funnier and interesting in your story. It increases your engagement rate and motivates other people to participate. 

#4 Favorites

The best Instagram stories activity are those that help you to know your Instagram followers much better. To make it easier , you can create a “Favorite” template for your story and let your audience do the next. You can pick lots of categories such as: favorite book, favorite song, favorite food etc. By resharing the answers to your stories, it will help make your Instagram followers feel valued and like you truly care about who they are as a person (because, you do!)

#5 Truths and a lie

This poll game on Instagram Stories is about helping your Instagram followers get to know you much better. Come up with three truth facts about yourself, and one cheeky lie. Then, ask your insta-followers to guess which one is the lie!

You can use the poll Instagram sticker where people can tap and choose the “right lie” .

Do not forget to reshare them in your story line. 

#6 The first letter game

This type of game will be very interesting for your auditory . Choose a series of categories and challenge your Instagram followers to answer the question with words that begin with their first name letter. 

For example: if their name starts with “E” , the animal will be “Elephant” , country: “Egypt” etc. 

It’s a great way to entertain your audience who might be bored and procrastinating!

Mark: Make sure that your brand name is mentioned in the story or, you can create your own branded template, so that people will know it’s yours when it’s reposted. This way , your brand visibility will increase.

Conclusion :

As you can see, there are so many ideas that you can use for your Instagram Story, you can try them in many ways with different topics. 

All these ideas come down to one thing and that’s building a good relationship with your Instagram followers. Also, another important point is that they will help you to build a strong relationship with your community and engage with them.