Become Famous on Instagram. Expert 5 Tips from Real Influencers

Becoming famous on Instagram is a real challenge. Are you posting and investing lots of energy and time in content creation daily, and still have not reached a decent amount of IG followers or high Engagement Rates?
We consider that you just need to learn and find out more expert advice, as it is very important to understand how Instagram works in reality and how to bypass all kinds of situations that may stop you.

In this article we have collected Instagram hacks and tips from successful bloggers so that you can repeat their success and become famous on Instagram without spending too much time. Or you could adapt these tips for your own project. Take an eye on our blog and find more useful information. 

Why does Instagram provide so many opportunities for growth and recognition than other social networks?

  • Instagram is a popular social network among young spirited public. Accordingly, its users are the most progressive, mobile and up-to-date.
  • Promotion on Instagram with due diligence and desire can still be absolutely free.
  • Instagram is the most actively developing social network.

Define your niche

80 percent of the factor that will make you famous on Instagram will depend on the right niche and adequate position that you have to choose. Instagram deals with very high competition. Our advise is to stand out from the rest of Instagram users, be original, or constructive at least. In order to manage it, write 5 directions that seem interesting to you. We consider it very important, as it is impossible to make money on something that does not appeal to you or bores you. Now it’s time to choose the most promising and original from the remaining directions.

Where to get ideas for content that will make you famous on Instagram

  • other bloggers that are famous on Instagram
  • news regarding your activity and your opinion about it
  • tell your Instagram followers about your hobby
  • life events
  • reviews of products/ events / places / services
  • personal experiences, thoughts and feelings
  • stories behind the scenes of your work / blogging


It is one of the most popular content formats from Instagram and it is the key to become famous on Instagram. Storytelling may be different: funny, sincere, or meaningful. First of all, stories will interest subscribers. Secondly, they will help them get to know you better. Moreover, they might respond to the post with a comment and consequently increase your Engagement Rates

Here is a list of recommended topics for discussion:

  • your success story with ups and downs;
  • ask subscribers for advice;
  • Share your biggest failure – it will show that road to become famous on Instagram is real;
  • make a selection of looks, recipes or professional literature.
  • You can also find interesting and inspiring information in other articles from our blog.

Instagram Stories

Today, Instagram stories is the most important Instagram tool. Many Instagram users like to watch stories even more than scroll their feed, as they see it more lively and real. Creative and interesting stories will make you famous on Instagram quicker than you can imagine. Shoot your real life, involve users in the events that happen with you, add polls, ask subscribers for opinions.

Captivate subscribers

Readers need to feel connected to you, to be interested in your life, and respond to your posts. Before posting, think about what kind of reaction you want to get from those who see your message.
Want more likes? Ask your Instagram followers to show how much they like your photo.
Are you waiting for comments? Try to gain them by asking a question.
Do you want subscribers to follow the link in your profile bio? Tell them what they are going to find there in an interesting way.
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The greater your reach, the better word of mouth works and the more likely you are to get featured. This will give a valuable flux of new Instagram followers.