7 foolproof ideas for First Instagram Post.

Are you an ingenious and creative person? Do you have any ideas and you are thinking about starting something cool and interesting on Instagram but wonder of how to start or what should you post first ? 

This problem seems to plague many people with new accounts. In fact, the first Instagram post represents your first impression. Well, when you are starting a new Instagram account, it is necessary of you to carefully pick the first photo you post. In this way, you can quickly get Instagram followers and Instagram likes

In this article we will show you 7 ideas that you should follow for the first Instagram post on your new account. After all, Instagram accounts are divided in 2 types: personal account and business account

If you want to hold a personal account, the main goal is to let people know you. For a business account, the main target is to promote the products or services you offer and the brand you are holding. 

First post for Personal Instagram Account

This type of account is the most popular on Instagram. If you want to have such an account, you suppose share with your Instagram Followers your personal life. You can share with them your thoughts, how you are spending your time or holidays, the happiness and pain. This way you are showing them who you are and what is your role on Instagram. 

After all, what kind of photo should you share on your first post on Instagram? Here are some tips of how your first post should look like.

1. Post a picture of you to let everyone know you

The best way to express yourself will be a picture of you, it can be a selfie or a full body picture. If you will post a photo of someone else, a place or an animal, you won’t get the interest from other people that will navigate your page. Is very important to start with a picture of yourself, people can understand that this is a real account so they could trust you and become your dedicated Instagram Follower

2. Post a group picture or with closer people

If you do not like how you look in a selfie or you do not have any of that? Or maybe you are shy? Well, you can share a group photo, or a picture with someone close to you, for example with your sister/brother, boyfriend/girlfriend, with your best friend of course. The main thing that you should pay attention to is to mention who you are in that picture, if your friends have an Instagram account, you can tag them so people could see and understand who is who. 

3. Post a picture with your pet

Having a picture with a dog or cat always was more popular than a simple photo of yourself. These types of pics always will have lots of Instagram Likes and Instagram Views, even bringing you a big auditory that will start following your page because who doesn’t love those little fluffy animals that always are near you, mornings and nights, sadness and happiness.? A good start will be to post a picture with your pet so people will see what kind of person you are, will see that you love pets and you are taking care of everything around you. 

4. Post a picture that represents your lifestyle 

When you post a picture with things you love and make you feel happy, buxom and excited, it's getting easier to show your personality, and, for your Instagram Followers, it is much easier to understand. You can choose to share your favorite book, movie, song or place to travel. Share your dynamic life, people love it, you can wake up their interest in following you and win their full attention to your account. All of them together can serve as an introduction to your Instagram Followers about you, a short characterisation of what kind of person you are and what are your hobbies or activities. Another point, these can be received as an example and people can follow you and do the same. 

First post for Business Instagram Account

Having a business account on Instagram tells that you are using the platform for some sort of marketing and it allows you to access a number of features that personal profiles don’t have.

These include:

  • The ability to boost posts
  • The ability to add links to your Stories (if you have 10,000 or more insta-followers)
  • Access to native analytics
  • Gaining features like Shoppable posts, which allow you to sell directly from your Instagram posts
  • The ability to add partner accounts as branded partners that can post on your behalf 
  • Potential Instagram verification options 
  • Clickable CTAs to drive people to your site, to book appointments in-app, and more

Most of the people use business accounts to promote their business and to get more clients on Instagram. Well, at this point it is very important to make a good impression with your first post. You need to start it clearly and professionally, this fact will help you to win the trust of your Instagram Followers

To make this start memorable and perfect, we will give you some tips about how to do this. 

1. Introduction to your business 

An introduction to the business always has been the best move to start your activity on Instagram. Post a photo or a video that will describe your business, what products do you sell of what services you provide. Come with some examples that will clearly explain why people should choose you. This way you’ll get their trust and attention. Each user can be your client, you just need to start with something that will attract people. 

2. Customers comments and feedback

Post your customer’s feedback or insta-comments on your Instagram account. Let people know that your business is real not fake, give them real examples that will make them interested in your products or services. Being open and transparent with your Instagram Followers is the best thing that you should do when handling a business on Instagram. 

3. Recent project

You can alway start with a post that shows what your business is involved in, what can be associated with and where. If you are participating in some projects that include your activity, it is the best step to start with. It will let people know that you care about your business and try to develop it as much as possible. 

Basically, you are posting content to get more Instagram followers and Instagram Likes, to build brand recognition, but it's important not to get lost posting anything for exposure. Your goal should be to have your brand be consistent on the platform but your content and individual posts diversified to keep your insta-followers interested.

 A balanced content calendar and plenty of different ideas is a good place to start.