5 best methods to convert your Instagram followers into newsletter subscribers

Your Instagram Followers can become your new newsletter subscribers with small effort. According to many studies done in the past years, each dollar invested into e-mail marketing generated on average $40 more. Moreover, each active subscriber on your list generates you on average one dollar per month. Consequently, if you have 3000 active subscribers, it is very likely that you score $3000 in revenue each month only from this specific marketing channel.

Many believe that investments into e-mail marketing are limited only to the automation tool and newsletter creation. Actually, the largest chunk of your budget is eaten by campaigns aimed at bringing people to sign-up for your e-mail list. If you managed to build a decent following base on Instagram, it won’t take you too much resources to build an e-mail list. However, anyway you are already investing into paid Ads for other reasons, so inviting Instagram followers to your newsletter should come as a bonus. Bellow you’ll find information on simple methods on how to score more e-mail newsletter subscribers.

Freebies? Everyone loves freebies

The most obvious thing is to offer freebies in exchange of names and e-mail addresses. Anything from iBooks, worksheets and downloadables is good as long as it provides value to your followers on Instagram. Make sure to craft an appealing offer. Write a copy and read it to yourself. If it manages to convince you to sign-up, then you have done a great job. If it sounds bad for you, it will also sound bad for your Instagram followers.

Remember, free stuff should be as good as paid content. It has to deliver value. You need those people to sign-up to your list and more important, you need to make them stay. Not dedicating enough time and effort only because you’d be offering it for free, will make you look cheap in front of your newsletter subscribers and will reduce your ROI to 0.

Webinars and Workshops

Webinar promotion is another way to invite people to onboard on your mailing list. Split the course into 2 parts, free and paid. In the first part you’d be talking about general concepts of your topic, the theory behind it and other information which is publicly available on the internet. On the second part, you’d talk about practical aspects, your personal experience of solving unexpected problems and your tips & tricks which can prove to have immense value for your students. Even if it’s a pre-recorded webinar, you still can promote it and offer the following scheme:

Offer the first part of the course for free. This will ensure a higher conversion rate for the second part, from which the revenue comes from, assuming you have enough experience to deliver valuable information.

Don’t know where to start? Record a story or upload a picture in which you talk about your upcoming webinar. Explain what you’ll be talking about and why it’s important for your Insta followers sign-up to your newsletter. Highlight the benefits, particularly, how it may help your students to solve their problems. 

In this way you’ll manage to score a lot of sign-ups on your mailing list, which you can later use for lead nurturing campaigns and up-selling.

Paid Ads to grow Instagram Followers and get them subscribed to your newsletter

Like it or not, if you are doing business on the internet, you’ll need to use paid Ads to reach out to new people. Paid Ads do wonders when done properly. Even if you are going to promote something which you’ll offer for free, that’s a still good idea since you’ll acquire new email list sign-ups.

A good paid Ad campaign will bring you many targeted leads, which you can later monetize them via e-mail campaigns. Ads are usually annoying when people are trying to sell you something. But when the ad offers something for free, people are more likely to look into it and are more willing to give you their contact details. You offer something truly valuable in exchange of their email. Sounds fair isn’t it? Additionally, reaching to new people via paid Ads, will increase your exposure and most likely will increase your Instagram followers count.


Finally, create a highlight where you’ll save all your stories in regards to free stuff. Name it e-mail list or freebies and attach a link. If you don’t have enough followers to use the «swipe up» option, make sure to buy Instagram followers. Buying Instagram followers won’t hurt. In case you are against buying Instagram followers, check this article for the alternative methods to grow your Instagram profile. Next time when people will go onto your profile, they’ll be able to see the pictures and videos that you have uploaded to your highlight. In case your offers are good enough, they won’t hesitate to sigh-up.


As you see, there are many ways to grow your e-mail list using your instagram profile. You can post a picture, run an ad on a post, make a story, go live or run an Instagram Story ad or purchase real Instagram followers.

Try them all to find out which one works best for you. Don’t give up on first attempt as results might not be accurate. Test various combination before giving up on a method. As long as your content has great value, the results will repay your effort. Even if you promote free stuff, don’t go cheap as you’ll look cheap in front of your Instagram followers. Why would somebody commit something if they saw that the free stuff was very bad. Prove yourself as reliable and a trustworthy figure and success will come by itself. Find more interesting information on our blog.