5 Best methods for brands to gain Instagram followers today

Any business is pursuing the goal to maximize revenue and reduce expenses in order to achieve the highest profit. If you are reading this, most probably you are looking for a solution which will help you to squeeze the maximum benefit from running a branded Instagram profile. We all know that having a large, engaged audience on Instagram is beneficial for the business. But how do we build one?

With so many opinions across the web and so many contradictory information is really hard to figure out what is the secret formula behind gaining more followers for brands on Instagram. There are set of rules and procedures that worked for one brand and will never work for others, simply because there are so many variables involved, you may never know what’s best for you unless you try.

The good news, there is something in common which every successful brand on Instagram has. It may sound obvious, but it works even on individual level. So let’s start:

1. Stay organized and be consistent

Grab your data on Instagram and start analyzing which days you get the most engagement from your audience, also try to understand which type of posts drives the most engagement. You need to figure out how many times per week and what you need to post. Let’s say that Tuesday and Saturday are your best days to post. Create a media plan for these days and stick to it. Post regularly for several weeks and assess the results.

2. Know the interests of your Instagram followers

I know it’s tempting to post something about you, but as much you think that your profile is about you, the reason why your Instagram followers are following you, is because they found value in what you do. If you can’t figure out what value you provide, or if you don’t really understand what are the interests of your Instagram followers, try these simple methods:

  • Ask questions on Instagram Stories.
  • Link questions to a survey. You can create a survey on external resources and place the link into your bio.
  • Look at who they’re following, what they’re commenting on and what they like.
  • Study your analytics
  • Direct message your followers and ask them what they would like to see

Give your followers what they want and more will come your way.

3. Actively engage with your followers

Imagine that you are engaging with someone into a conversation, but he stays silent, completely ignoring you. That’s sad, isn’t it? That’s egoistic approach and leads to unfollow. You can spend thousands of dollars to attract new followers, but if you are ignoring obvious ethics, your churn rate is going to skyrocket.

Interacting with your Instagram followers means:

  • Replying and or liking their comments.
  • Answering direct messages.
  • Answering questions on your Instagram lives.
  • Giving them a chance to interact.

Customer experience plays an important role in keeping your audience loyal. Do not neglect this very important part.

4. Be creative and stand out the crowd.

There are over one billion profiles on Instagram. There are millions of profiles which pursue the exact same goals as yours. Millions of brands, influencers trying to get more Insta followers, sell their products and promote their businesses. Your profile is just another fish in the ocean. You won’t gain a hundred followers on the first day because you are simply different and original, unless you are going to use boosting Instagram followers services.

Being creative and original doesn’t mean that you have to re-invent the wheel. It means that you have to create a story behind your brand through your posts. A story that’s unique to you and your brand.

Remember, people don’t buy things for the sake of utility, they buy stuff for pleasure or for the experience it provides. So next time you would think to post another photo of your product, remember that people don’t care that much about your product, they want the feeling. Tight your product posts with the experience it provides. Be creative, tell stories, people like such kind of content.

5. Use trends to your advantage

Last but not least, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, big events or holidays that you can revolve your Instagram content around. Keep an eye on what’s popular and use it to your advantage. In order to be competitive, you need to stay relevant and have people remember you because of your brand. Read our articles in order to stay up to date to all news and Instagram trends. 

These are fundamental and obvious, yet often ignored rules which cause some brands fail on Instagram. Start optimizing your Instagram promotion processes today, and the results will come by themselves.