[2019] Do Instagram likes under your posts really matter?

The answer on this question is on individual level. For someone who’s trying to succeed on social media, Instagram likes are very important, as it reflects the level of engagement which one is able to receive. For other users, which do not pursue the goal to become popular on social media, the number of Instagram likes under a post is also important. Remember the last time when one of your posts wasn’t that appealing and received 0 likes? How did you feel? For sure, we can state that the higher the number of Instagram likes you get, the more it boosts your self-esteem. 

But let’s talk about the first case. For someone who is building a solid online presence, the number of interactions with posts is essential. A big number of likes makes your post look impressive. It’s a positive signal for people which are not following you yet, but came across your post. After looking at your post, seeing the thousands of likes, most probably will access your profile to see more of your posts, and eventually might click on the follow button.

Reasons to have more Instagram likes

Engagement rate is the most obvious answer. However, there are also additional reasons why your posts need more Instagram likes.

  • Increase the chance to get into discovery feed. Think about last time you started to follow an account. Most probably you’ve came across one of his posts. You’ve decided to like it before checking the account yourself. It came up that the rest of the posts was of your interest, and you hit follow. That’s how it happens for the most of Instagram users.
  • Boost your self-esteem. An Instagram like is actually a positive vote, a positive review. People like what they see and encourage you to keep doing what you do. Isn’t it fantastic to receive many appreciations for the job you do?
  • Increase the reach. The new Instagram algorithm, favors posts with big number of interactions. Having a big number of likes, especially right after publication, increases the odds to appear at the top of the feed of your followers.

Do fewer Instagram Likes make a post look bad?

No, at least not exactly. I caught myself on the feeling that I wanted to like a post, but didn’t do it. Why? There were no likes at all and I was about the first person to like it. The post was containing a sarcastic and controversial message. That’s why I was afraid of being negatively labeled by other people which might disagree with the message from the post. So, I’m not the only one experiencing similar situations. Few likes doesn’t make a post bad, but for sure it limits its reach.

Some tips on how to receive more Instagram Likes

  • Use relevant hashtags. It helps to expose your posts to a wider audience. People browsing posts related to a hashtag, will eventually see your post, and since it is of their interest, most probably they’ll like it, assuming you did a great job on your content.
  • Plan your media ahead. In case your posts are not receiving enough likes, re-evaluate your media plan and try to figure out what works and what is not performing very well. Sometimes it could be the quality of your content, the other times might be your post scheduling time. It could be that you are not posting on regular basis, either you’ve chosen a part of the day when your audience is inactive.
  • Diversify the content. If you post the same things over and over, eventually your audience will get bored. Try to come up with unique and engaging content. Mix up photos, videos, quotes for maximum engagement.
  • Use mentions and locations. Don’t be afraid to mention people or businesses, especially if your account looks professional and those individuals relate to your brand. Location achieve the same thing, and put your post in front of other people in that location. Just make sure to use them appropriately.
  • Use boosting services. You can have more Instagram likes at a cost of coffee. Remember Instagram algorithm? Receiving many interactions within first minutes after publication, it boosts your reach, consequently increasing the number of organic Instagram likes.

Hopefully now you can see why likes matter, and how they can help you achieve your social media goals. Take your newfound knowledge and use it to create and promote excellent content that will receive the likes it deserves. We can provide you outstanding packages of likes which will give you all the advantages that were listed below.