[2019] Buying instagram likes? Here are the consequences

So you were thinking to buy Instagram Likes, jumped on a website, analyzed the offers, placed an order and went to bed. Now imagine the following situation. You wake up in the morning to find out your Instagram account has been suspended. All of your followers are alerted that you’re a great #faker and suddenly you lost your reputation among your followers. Well, that’s a true nightmare for any Instagrammer. Luckily, this can’t ever happen.

Actually, what is going to happen next morning after your purchase of likes, is you’ll end up having those likes on your posts, resulting in pretty numbers and stronger engagement rate across your profile. That’s it.

There are countless of blog posts, mainly from social media agencies who pretend that buying instagram likes and followers is a bad idea (like pretending they don’t purchase instagram likes and followers), without giving information why you can’t take a shortcut when you are striving for better Instagram Engagement rate.

All they do is playing on people’s fears by saying «You are eventually going to get banned by Instagram». The truth is, buying Instagram likes will only signal to Instagram algorithm that your post is getting viral, it’s awesome and needs to be shown to even more people. That’s how the general idea behind Instagram algorithm works. Because Instagram wants to deliver the best user experience, it favors posts that receive a lot of interactions to show them to other users.

Currently there is no way Instagram could know if the interactions are from real people or by specialized services. Moreover, vendors selling likes can offer you gradual delivery of the service. The likes are rolling in at a speed which is similar to real Instagram likes interactions.

You can’t be banned because your posts has success and receive tons of interactions from «third parties». Essentially, when you are buying Insta likes, you are receiving likes from other profiles, which have the same rights as your profile on Instagram, and let’s be honest, you are buying those likes but you don’t really have control over the process.

Let’s say you have a strong 20 000 followers user base, and your competitor wants to take you out of the business. He then proceeds with a purchase of 200 000 likes on one of your posts to attempt to take you down. Do you think Instagram will ban your profile for receiving those 200k likes? Instagram will move the post to explore page because is getting thousands of likes and the robot decides that your post is super awesome and needs even more exposure. 

The system is broken, and those who know this, are taking advantage of it everyday.

On the other side, you should look at earning your followers authentically, because most of the time, buying followers will bring you a lot of inactive profiles. Those profiles are real people’s accounts, which joined various engagement groups, similar to like for like and lost access to their account, or lost interest into Instagram and never logged in, with some exceptions. To buy followers on Instagram is not a bad idea either, because you’ll have hard time progressing naturally, especially if you have few followers. 

When Instagram is evaluating your level of influence, it doesn’t just look at your number of likes or followers. It consider both of those metrics together. The balance between followers and engagement is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so important to earn your followers authentically, or to combine organic growth with bought followers. In case you are comfortable buying likes, it shouldn’t be a problem at all to boost your Instagram profile with extra followers.

Thinking of buying Instagram likes?

You can find various vendors which have different offers. Make sure the buying process doesn’t involve disclosing your Instagram credentials, neither logging in with your Instagram account on those websites. Bellow there are 2 methods of buying Instagram likes which I highly discourage.

The first one is to use an automatic bot which will like and follow other profiles, with the hope to get those people to like your posts. In reality it doesn’t work very well. You’ll end up following random people with minimum reciprocity. 

Why I don’t recommend it? The service owner will have your Instagram credentials and also because it’s an automated job. I’m sure the developer has made a great job into setting safe limits on bot, but what happens if Instagram suddenly changes the rules? You are at risk. Your account is directly responsible for botting and there is always risk involved to get temporary suspended or even a permanent ban.

You’ll definitely get real engagement, however you have to acknowledge the risks.

The second method is engagement groups. Don’t ever fall into this trap and never leave your Instagram account credentials on such websites. Keep away from services promising free likes or followers. Nothing in this world is for free, and most probably those websites are looking to steal your personal information and your Instagram account.

The best and safest method of buying Instagram likes is to use trustful services which sends likes to your posts without asking your Instagram account password. It’s safe, cheap and fast to get the job done.


It is possible to buy Instagram likes safe and easily get away with it. Perhaps this is not the most ethical way to raise your engagement rate, but remember, your competitors are doing the same. Don’t trust websites offering free followers and likes in exchange for your Instagram login and password, you’ll definitely lose control over your profile. Finally, if you are buying Instagram likes for the first time and have doubts about the outcome, just create a new profile and make some tests to create your own opinion. Be informed with our articles in order to boost you account without any threaten.