12 Instagram Stats Marketers Must Know in 2019 + Infographic

Of all the social networks working nowadays, Instagram is the one standing out by a wide range of stats. If you think that 2019 is going to differ a lot, perhaps you should reconsider your opinion.

Latest Instagram stats are a proof that the platform is gaining more and more users, popularity, and overall global acclaim. This, in turn, shows that the potential for development of business development grows exponentially.

Summarising all of the stats we’re going to take a closer look below, it is absolutely clear that Instagram is not going anywhere anytime soon, at the very least, not mentioning the huge impact it makes on opinion leadership, trends, and many other things. 

If you somehow haven’t joined this social network, you are clearly letting an incredible chunk of your target audience get away, and they drag new opportunities of communicating your message with them.

So, let’s dig a little deeper to see how and why Instagram is so plainly amazing and promising.

 1. 1 Billion of Active Users

Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions)

Billion of Active Users

To give some sort of perspective of what the “1 billion” figure means here, here’s another one: Instagram had only 90 million of active users back in 2013! So, if you want to promote your brand/product/service and consistently grow your audience, then you should seriously eye Instagram.

2. 3rd Social Media Platform by User Count

2. 3rd Social Media Platform by User Count

There are quite a few social networks around, right? But, only YouTube and Facebook have more people using them, comparing to Instagram. It is expected that in 2019, about 25% of total ad revenue for Facebook is going to come from none other than Instagram. Analytics go further and predict that the social media platform’s share is going to grow up to 30% worldwide.

3. 32% of Internet Population Are Using Instagram

3. 32% of Internet Population Are Using Instagram

Perhaps, the “32%” notion doesn’t mean anything to you. But, if we say that in 2018 the total number of Internet users in the world was 4.021 billion people, things start to make sense, right? This takes us back to the point #1 – 1 billion of active users. So, if you were wondering, how many people are using the Internet as such, here’s your answer. 

4. Gender Demographics: 68% of Women and 32% of Men

This one can be quite useful for brand promotion, as it’s incredibly important to know, who you’re targeting. Thus, knowing that the amount of female Instagram users is more than twice as much comparing to male users is something one can put to use. Getting down to rough numbers, it’s 680 million women against 320 million men.

5. 61% of Instagram Users Are Aged between 18 and 35 years 

Age group is another important factor for internet and social media marketers. Knowing that 600 million people belong to the 18-35 age group helps shaping ads and offers according to particular trends that run within it smoothly. You don’t want to advertise an insert jaw to an 18-year-old high school graduate with an offer to join a college athletic league, right? There could be exclusions, but still…

6. 51% of Users Are Using the Platform on a Daily Basis and 35% of Users Access It More Than Once a Day

Digital era is raging on. All around, people are using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatch, and what-not. They’re always in the digital space. And an incredible part of them is using social networks, like Instagram. 500 million people are using Instagram on a daily basis. Moreover, 350 million people are doing it more than once. Every day. 

7. 300 Million People Use Stories Every Day

Of the 500 million figure, 300 million are posting stories on a daily basis. People clearly want others to know what’s going on in their lives and want to see what’s going on in other people’s lives. Stories is a great and simple marketing tool that will keep your offers fresh and pretty on a daily basis. Over 2 million brands are using stories to their advantage. Make sure to take notice. You can always discover useful tricks about Instagram stories within our

informative and entertaining articles.

8. 95 Million Photos Uploaded Daily

That’s right, people generate 95 million Instagram posts every day. On average. Moreover, these posts in total get 4.2 billion “likes” every day. Imagine getting even a small portion of this for your brand. Awesome, right? So, what keeps you from getting your brand out to the crowds on Instagram?

9. Heart is the most used emoji

Out of all emojis available in Instagram, the red heart is the most used one. Instagram users share it 79% more, than a smiling face with heart eyes, which is the second most popular emoji on the social media platform.

10. Clarendon is the most used filter

Instagram has 40 unique filters available for use. However, there is just one that is universally popular among the users from 119 countries. It is Clarendon. Perhaps, it’s the top filter, because people can use it for pretty much any purposes: it intensifies, highlights, and brightens shadows. It could also be this popular simply due to people’s laziness, because it’s the next default filter after the Normal mode.

There are also other things regarding filters you may want to take notice of. For instance, selfies get the most reactions, when they’re posted without filters altogether. Some filters are also used more often, depending on category, such as Valencia for #Nature filters, Kelvin for #Fashion filters, and Skyline for #Food filters.

11. There Are 5 Hashtags That Are Used More, Than Any Other

Hashtags are pretty much meant for sorting on Instagram. 95 millions of photos posted on a daily basis make it quite difficult for the social platform to provide the right content to particular people. This is where hashtags come in – they help a post get found by those users that are interested in seeing it most. Knowing what the most used hashtags are and what they mean can help you promote your brand more effectively. So, here are the 5 most popular hashtags to date:


This one stands for “Throwback Thursday”. It basically encourages users to post their old photos that make them remember of something important. Memories are always good to share and #tbt is meant for just these purposes.


This hashtag takes you to posts – whether photos or videos – that will make you go “AWWW”. It has puppies and kittens all over the place and lots of other stuff that can make you have a heart attack due to all the cuteness and adorableness.


Instagram galleries are mostly built around good feelings and galleries. This is pretty much the plain good reason for the #love tag being all around photos of family, beautiful landscapes, friends, vacations, etc.


This hashtag originated from the @instagood Instagram account. It pretty much looks for excellent videos and photos on the platform that just need to be shared with the community. So, if you want your post to get a chance at a repost, make sure to add the #instagood tag.


This one hashtag over here is a guarantee of drawing more followers on Instagram account. In case you’re planning to make daily posts on a common topic, the #photooftheday tag will help you increase the account’s exposure.

12. Pizza and Sushi Are the Most Instagrammed Foods

We all know how some people instagram their food. It may be irritating or not, but the thing is – people love doing it and people love seeing others doing it on their Instagram profiles. But, the most popular food to be shared on the platform is, surprisingly, pizza. The second most popular is sushi. One can surely use this information for their advantage in a brand promotion and gaining better exposure.

Make sure to take a close look at these stats and figure out what you could put to use. Strategic application of this seemingly simple information can become a recipe of success. No matter how many Instagram followers you have right now, if you stay consistent with your posts, engage with your audience, follow your successful efforts’ pattern, and get as much as possible of the available statistics, you will be able to get your brand to the new heights.

P.S: We also made a beautiful infographic to make it easier for you to remember all the stats. Feel free to share it!

11 Instagram Stats Marketers Must Know in 2019